10 Facts About Me

written by Bella Drew 13 March 2018

Thought I’d share a little more about myself this week. 

I’ve been blogging now for almost half a year now. Its genuinely flown by. Im so blown away by all the support from other bloggers and it’s just so lovely to be part of a wonderful community.

So here are my 10 facts about me, myself and I. 

  1. We’re going to try and bring Primrose up bilingual. I used to live in Spain as a child and am fluent in Spanish. I’d love Primrose to be able to speak Spanish. 
  2. I almost predicted the time of birth for Primrose. At my baby shower, we had some predictions of when Primrose would be born, both I and Conor filled them out. My time was only 3 minutes off. How crazy!
  3. I’ve got a Ba Hons in Childhood studies and Conor graduates from his BSc in Computer science next year!
  4. We plan to move to Canada as soon as Conor graduates. It’s such a beautiful country, the weather is perfect for us and Conor will earn a very good wage over there. Fingers crossed!
  5. Money is hard. With myself being on statutory maternity pay and Conor still a full-time student money is tight, but I feel that we do well with what we have. Always making the best out of what we’ve got!
  6. I still have no idea what I want to be “when I grow up”.  My aim was to be a teacher, but since working as a teaching assistant it’s changed my mind. Teachers don’t get half the recognition or praise that they should. So now I have no idea!
  7. I’m a huge advocate for breastfeeding. I love it and want to encourage more mothers to give it a go. It makes me sad that the U.K. has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world. Im currently looking into training as a lactation consultant.
  8. I’ve made more close friends through the Internet than I have through “real life.” Make of that what you will, but I love that I can connect with people who have similar interests as me at the click of a button. I love my whole insta-mum family. Such amazing support, I just wished we all lived closer together.
  9. I want to be eco-friendly and eventually zero waste. But Im finding it so hard, especially on a budget. We cloth nappy, use cloth wipes, buy preloved but its so hard to get away from all plastic or products that’ll end in a landfill for millions of years. I feel we’re doing good though as nappies are a very big waste product. We’re definitely doing our bit of a cleaner better earth. 
  10. Our family are fairly adventurous. We love to explore, even if it’s not far from home. Getting lost out in nature or going swimming in natural rivers/ponds are our favourite things ever. We can’t wait to pass this onto Primrose and go swimming in rivers with her in the summer. 

Hopefully, you’ve found them interesting and has given you a bit more insight into who I am and what I enjoy!

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