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written by Bella Drew 29 May 2018

I love this piece by Midwife Mama Bear. I plan to breastfeed Primrose until she self-weans however long that may be, so I quite prepared for all the “are you still breastfeeding?” comments. This post is great for giving others reasons (other than “not your boobs, not your business“) for extended breastfeeding.


10 Reasons I Continue to Breastfeed My Child

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and NHS both recommend breastfeeding children to aged 2 and beyond, setting no upper age limit. Yet many of us feel shamed into hiding the fact we are ‘still’ breastfeeding older babies. In fact, only 1:200 of women in the UK are breastfeeding their baby at one year.

breastfeeding a baby

During my own experience of breastfeeding, I can only recall two occasions where a supportive word has been offered. Once by an older family friend when he was 5 months old and I was trying to settle him at an evening family party. The second came from a Nursery worker when settling him into the childcare setting, he was one. I did, however, have A LOT of people ask me when I will stop breastfeeding. I have always struggled to answer this question and end up muttering something about when he’s ready, which is normally met with a raised eyebrow or some sort of ‘bitty’ comment.


Asking a mother when she is going to stop breastfeeding seems a strange question to me and a sad reflection of society’s current feelings towards breastfeeding. Why does it matter to you how long I breastfeed my child for? Why would I want to stop doing the very thing many people struggle trying to achieve? Why would I stop doing something that’s recommended by many national and international professional bodies? Why would I stop doing something that is beneficial to mine and my babies health? And why would I stop doing something that is undoubtedly my most useful parenting tool?


It makes me chuckle when people ask why don’t I just stop. Anyone who has breastfed for a significant amount of time will know that stopping breastfeeding is not an easy thing to do, weaning is a process and only to be considered when it is the right time for that individual child and mother.


Here are the top 10 reasons I continue to breastfeed and will do until my bear cub decides he’s had enough.

1. Breast Milk is good for the child’s health.

There are numerous, well-documented health benefits to breast milk and these do not magically stop when the child reaches a set age.

2. Less time off work.

Breastfed children statistically get sick less often and if they do get ill, they recover more quickly. Happier children and parents all around, plus less time off work to take care of them means a happier employer!

3. Breastfeeding is good for my health.

People often forget that breastfeeding is linked to lower incidence of female-related cancers, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and the longer you do it the better the benefits.

4. Breastfeeding is Comforting. It settles him to sleep quickly and easily.

No tears, no being left to cry and no dreaded ‘sleep training’.

5. Breastfeeding Calms Big Emotions.

Childhood ‘tantrums’ can normally be attributed to one of two things. Hunger or feelings that overwhelm the child. Both of these things can be easily fixed by latching on to the breast.

6. Breastfeeding offers comfort and pain relief when he has a bump or fall.

A crying child can immediately be soothed via the power of the boob.

7. Breastfeeding gives me a chance to sit down!

A much needed 10-20 mins on the sofa, even better if I’ve managed to prepare myself a drink and have the remote within reaching distance. From day one I have observed that breastfeeding feels like natures way to get tired mums a bit of rest.

8. Breastfeeding is a godsend when travelling by aeroplane.

The suck-swallow mechanism helps balance pressure in the ears when flying, easing discomfort and making for a more pleasant flying experience for all.

9. Breastfeeding continues to be a great bonding experience.

It allows us time to connect during the day or at the end of the day if we’ve been separated.

10. He absolutely loves it!!

Why take away such a source of enjoyment and pleasure if you are both still happy doing it?


The top cited reasons that women in the UK give up breastfeeding include public attitude, embarrassment and lack of support. There are many reasons to stop breastfeeding but don’t let it be societal pressure. So all you mama bears out there, show everyone how wonderful breastfeeding is and keep going 🐾


Thank you so much Midwife Mama Bear. 

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