14 weeks in, 14 weeks out.

written by Bella Drew 29 December 2017
14 weeks
I can’t believe my little tiny dot of a baby is now 14 weeks old.
 14 weeks
This was my first scan, done as an emergency at the early pregnancy unit at the hospital whilst I was being treated for Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Hyperemesis is such a horrible illness and having to have an emergency scan whilst I felt like I was dying really took the fun away from seeing our baby for the first time.  It took away the feeling of a love that we had longed for, it took away every little piece of joy I once felt. The feeling of guilt that comes with it, guilt that your baby is not getting enough to grow, guilt that you can’t carry on any longer, guilt that you can’t even keep your own body surviving starving and so dehydrated you don’t pee in days. 
But at the end of those 9 months of torture is a tiny human being, that you love more than anything in the world. Words cannot describe the love I feel for Primrose. After all my body has been through making her, she has come out so perfect.
These 14 weeks since Primroses birth have absolutely flown by. I cant believe how much this little girl has learnt in such a short time. 
She can smile, giggle, roll over, finding her feet and her voice and is even trying to sit up. I want her to stop growing now, just to stay my baby a little bit longer. Shes already in 3-6 month old clothes and I doubt they’ll fit for long. 
 14 weeks old
I can completely relate now when people say that time flies by. It really does.

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