38 week growth scan

written by theDrews 13 September 2017

So, we went off as normal for our now weekly scan to check on baby’s growth.

All was well in the scan, baby’s heartbeat was strong and normal, the placenta was doing well, fluid levels were all okay but baby seemed to be measuring a little small.

To be fair it wasn’t worrying at the time, two weeks ago baby measured 6lbs 6oz, and now baby is 7lbs 6oz so baby had gained a pound overall. Also the EDD is now the day after my birthday!



The consultant came in and told me that they were concerned that baby has not gained as much weight as they expected and the weight gain has dipped. Before she gave us time to process this, she started talking about getting a sweep done today, and an induction booked for next week sometime as she wasn’t happy with how baby was doing.

Growth scan

Literally, the worst things run through your head at times like this, I felt responsible, like I had done something wrong. Maybe missing lunch some days because I’m not hungry wasn’t the best thing to do, maybe it’s because of my weight, maybe because of my hyperemesis gravidarum. Any blame I could think of came to my head.

I asked the consultant for a moment to discuss this with Conor and to be honest, it was all a bit of a blur.  How can it go from being so happy and excited that I had my last scan in the ultrasound room, getting a cute squished up picture from the technician and being super happy that we were told baby was doing great, to this. We talked it through for a while, Conor was trying to calm me with the hypnobirthing facts but I was in such a mess, I closed in on myself  (as usual) and all I could think about was that something was wrong with our precious little baby that has quite literally taken everything I’ve got to grow. I didn’t want to put baby at risk of anything, and even though they didn’t say there was anything medically wrong with baby I feel they scare mongered me into thinking that there is. I agreed to the sweep if it was carried out by my community midwife as I’ve been seeing her throughout my pregnancy and I felt over overwhelmed being in a hospital that I don’t think I could have gone through with it then.

When the consultant came back in, she said that she’s booked the induction for the 20th September and the sweep to be done today by my midwife. I asked if I could cancel the induction if I changed my mind, she wasn’t really very happy about that but said that I could but would need to book in for another scan as I’d have to be monitored closely.

On the way, out I kind of felt numb, I know it’s not the worst news that someone could receive about their unborn child but still, I was distraught.

Currently, I’m stilling here trying to think positive and relate back to my hypnobirthing and the birth that I really want. But now it feels like it’s all slowly slipping away.

My midwife appointment and sweep is booked in for 4 pm, so that’s now less than 2 hours away, just trying to keep myself calm and positive until then.



So midwife appointment went well. She said that they wrote down that they were concerned with the placenta and how well its working (due to the drop in weight gain) but she also said that looking at my growth chart baby did have a dip, but my 32week scan could be a little off (which would make sense as we had a student ultrasound technician that day).

She said they shouldn’t be too worried as baby has stayed along the same growth line as the last scan I had so technically baby is doing well. She suggested we go ahead with the sweep but leave the induction and get a sweep next week instead. 

The sweep wasn’t as bad as people had made out, she couldn’t fit a finger in my cervix though but did try and stretch it as much as she could. My mucus plug is definitely gone, and only the very top of my cervix is still closed.

This has made me feel a lot more confident and optimistic that I can do this, and won’t need an induction. 

Now time to get onto doing some “natural” induction methods at home!

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