Babys Gender Predictions (before its too late)

written by theDrews 17 September 2017

So being as I am now 39 weeks and thought it would be fun (to pass the time whilst I’m in this endless limbo waiting for the baby to make a magical appearance) to finally do some gender predictions.

I found a website called The Gender Experts and I’m going to ‘try’ to do their theories and old wives tales and see what they come out as for me.

Firstly though, it was torture for the first months not to find out the gender, especially when we went to the 20-week scan and all our 4D ones afterwards. Luckily, I stuck to my guns and didn’t find out (despite having a million chances to).

So anyway to the predictions…



Chinese Gender Chart: Girl

I was 23 when we conceived and we conceived in December so definitely Girl.


Mayan Gender Chart: Girl

Same as the Chinese one, 23 when conceived and conceived in December so a Girl is predicted.


Ramzi Theory: Girl

This is where you look at your first scan and see which side the placenta is on. If you didn’t ask the ultrasound technician (like us) then you should flip/mirror the ultrasound image and then determine as the ultrasound machine mirrors it.

In our first scan at 12 weeks 6 days, the placenta was on the left-hand side, this points to a Girl.


Nub Theory: Inconclusive


This theory looks at the baby’s ‘nub’ (basically genitals before they’re formed). This must be done before the baby reaches 15 weeks.

If the nub is angled greater than 30 degrees then its likely to be a boy!

If it points straight out. Under 30 degrees or down its likely to be a girl!

I’m not too sure on this one, I may need to have a proper look, hmmmmm.

Old Wives Tales

You may be having a BOY if:

  1. Your skin is glowing ×
  2. Baby’s heart rate is less than 140 ×
  3. Ring Test – spins in circles 
  4. Dreams – snakes, blue balloons, dreaming of baby girl, phallic symbols × Only dreamt of a girl once.
  5. Dad gains weight with you 
  6. Areola (skin part around nipple) becomes dark 
  7. Craving salty foods 
  8. Craving meat ×
  9. Carrying low? Some say I am, but I feel like I’m carrying high.
  10. Right breast is larger than left ×
  11. Shape of belly is like a basketball? I really don’t know.
  12. Gaining weight in thighs ×
  13. Your intuition says BOY? I Have no clue/feeling whatsoever.
  14. If you become clumsy 
  15. No Mornings sickness and feeling good ×
  16. Cold feet! 
  17. Can only think of boy names × We have names for both.
  18. Urine is bright yellow 
  19. Frequent headaches 
  20. Dry skin? My skin has been normal/good.
  21. Hair is growing and glowing 
  22. Fingernails and Toenails grow fast
  23. Your pillow points to the North 
  24. You sleep on your left side × I sleep on my back or right side.
  25. Leg hair is growing faster than before you were pregnant × No, it actually stopped for a few months.
  26. Face shape is long and lean × Haha!

Yes: 11

No: 11

Unsure: 4


You may be having a GIRL if:

  1. You have acne and pimples all over ×
  2. Baby’s heart rate is more than 140 
  3. Ring test – moves from side to side ×
  4. Dreams – Fish, cats, pink balloons, jewellery, clothing, or dreaming of a baby boy? Dreamt of having a boy once.
  5. Dad stays fit ×
  6. Areola remains unchanged ×
  7. Craving ice cream, cookies, slushies, ice, or anything sweet? Sometimes crave full sugar Pepsi.
  8. An aversion to meat ×
  9. Carrying high I feel I am.
  10. Left Breast is larger than right breast 
  11. Shape of belly is like a watermelon? I really don’t know.
  12. Only gaining weight in belly 
  13. Your intuition says GIRL
  14. You are graceful even when pregnant ×
  15. Sick all day every day with morning sickness  Does Hyperemesis Gravidarum count?
  16. Feet are not colder than usual ×
  17. Can only think of girl names ×
  18. Urine is dull (you may just be well hydrated) ×
  19. No unusual amount of headaches ×
  20. Skin is oily ×
  21. Your good looks have disappeared (I thought every pregnant woman was supposed to be glowing?) 
  22. Fingernails and toenails are not growing faster than normal. ×
  23. Your Pillow points to the South ×
  24. You sleep on your right side ×
  25. Leg hair isn’t growing faster than normal 
  26. Face shape is round 

Yes: 8

No: 16

Unsure: 2


Well, they don’t get me any closer to knowing!

So I’m still no more aware than I was before writing this post. 

The theories all seem to point to a little girl (that’s if I’ve done them right), but the old wives tales are pretty much inconclusive as I’m a mixture of both. 

If you have/want to have a go at these then please comment your results below, I’m so interested to see if they work for some people!

Would like to know if the gender predictions are correct? Read on, as we have had our baby!!

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