Baby Led Spreads

written by Bella Drew 11 November 2018
baby led spreads

Baby Led Spreads kindly sent us some of their spreads for Primrose to taste test.

We’ve been weaning Primrose for around 6 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed doing baby led weaning. Primrose had solid food since starting and enjoys home cooked meals the same as myself and Conor. Which is such a bonus because she eats what we eat. No meal prep, no purees, no having to cook twice.

The odd occasion baby led weaning is a bit tricky, when we have a spicy meal, had a busy day and need to rustle something up fast or simply fancy a takeaway.

These are amazing for those moments. With these, I was able to make a quick nutritious meal for Primrose within minutes. A lot of problems I’ve found with spreads/sauces is finding them dairy free and not only are most baby led spreads dairy free, but a few are vegan too! Bonus!

These baby led spread aren’t just for babies but toddlers too (and parents). They’re just so versatile. We tried a few recipes this week, but have added a few more that I think will be just as delicious.



My thoughts

The jars are a perfect size, not too much and not too little. You can keep in the fridge for 3 days, even with no preservatives they last for a good amount of time. Easily enough for a couple of lunches and dinners without having lots of leftover waste food.

Very versatile, you can pretty much use these spreads however you want. There are no rules! From a simple sandwich spread to spicy winter pumpkin cookies. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

I love the plastic-free packaging and reusable glass jars. (Perfect for taking a few raisins in for when your out and about.)

They’re definitely worth the price, you can get 9 jars for £7.50 or 18 jars for £14.


Primroses Thoughts

She found them all so tasty and ate pretty much everything in front of her.

She’s always a little reluctant to try new things but she got stuck in there.



They are really handy little spreads. Perfect for on the go or as a quick meal.

We loved them and will definitely be ordering some more for ‘emergencies’.

Id highly recommend them for anyone whos starting or planning baby led weaning.

Buy them here!





  • Puff pastry either homemade, ready to roll or pre-rolled.
  • A spread of your choice. We used Spicy Pumpkin and Chickpea.

Simply cut your pastry into small triangles and add a tiny dollop of the baby led spread into the centre. Then fold over and pinch the pastry together. Place on a baking tray and cook until golden and puffy.

baby led spreads


  • Puff pastry either homemade, ready to roll or pre-rolled.
  • A spread of your choice. We used Red Lentil and Sweet Potato.

Simply cut your pastry in half and add a thin layer of the baby led spread onto the pastry. Then simply roll it up, you can leave it to rest in the fridge for a few minutes if you wish, but this isn’t essential.

The slice into 1cm thick slices.

Place on a baking tray and cook until golden and puffy.



Baked Salmon

baby led spreads

  • A raw salmon fillet
  • A baby led spread of your choice. We used Green Pea, Rocket and Dill.

Place your piece of salmon in a square piece of foil.

Spread a thin layer of your chosen spread over the top. Then fold up the foil to make a salmon parcel.

Cook in the oven for the time on the salmon package.

Serve with pretty much whatever you fancy. We had mash potato, broccoli and asparagus.



Speedy pasta

baby led spreads

  • Pasta
  • A baby led spread of your choice.

Boil the pasta as normal and drain.

Mix in a teaspoon of your chosen spread, plate up and sprinkle with cheese.

Super fast and delicious!



We were sent the Baby Led Spreads for purposes of this review, all thoughts are my own with a little help from Primrose.

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