Beemom silicone breast pump

written by Bella Drew 8 October 2017

Beemom silicone breast pump review.

As a newbie to breastfeeding a friend of mine recommended buying one of these silicone breast pumps.

Doing some research of my own I found that there were so many different brands to choose from all with really great reviews. 

So I thought id give one a shot. 


First impressions


Delivery was super quick, as I have Amazon prime so it arrived the morning after I ordered.

The packaging is neat, it came in a Beemom box with instructions and guides on the sides.

Inside the box was a card with an invite to join the online Beemom community.

 The pump itself looks very similar to the Naturebond and Haakkaa pumps.

It has some lovely patterns on the sides and around the suction cup.

It’s made of one piece of food grade BPA free silicone so I know that no nasties from the plastic will leak into my breast milk. Feels very durable.





How does it work?


To use the Beemom pump to catch the letdown you simply squeeze the bottom collection pot, place your nipple inside the top cone central to the neck of the title and let go.

The pump will suck onto the nipple and stay put throughout the feed and letdown.



Ease of use


As a first time Mum and first time breastfeeding I found it surprisingly easy to use. I used the Beemom pump as instructed whilst feeding with the other boob.

This caught the let down that would usually be wasted by leaking all over my shirt or into my breast pad.

During a 25minute feed, I managed to effortlessly collect 3oz of milk!




This was game-changing. I can’t believe that I was technically wasting all that extra milk every feed.

Compared to my manual pump this one was so much easier and collected almost double what I was used to.

There’s no pumping needed. It also doesn’t hurt, which is something I found with my original pump.

Also, I am a busty plus size lady (with GG’s) and it was a perfect fit.


How do I clean it?


Once done and poured into a milk bag, Conor simply washed it up as usual with a bottle brush to make sure he got it thoroughly clean and then it went in the steriliser. As it’s one piece of silicone there are no little-hidden crevices that milk can hide.

It comes with a handy lid so once sterilised it can be kept on the side ready for use or in the changing bag for feeding when out and away from home.


Final verdict


Overall I absolutely love this pump! It’s super easy to use and collects a really decent amount of milk for me to store away for emergencies. 

We were sent the myHummy Snoozy for purposes of this review, all thoughts are my own.

Find the Beemom silicone breast pump on Amazon now at 47% discount! Plus get an extra 5% off if you buy 2 or more!

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Linda Murphy 15 January 2018 - 8:25 pm

How much are they and where can they be bought

Bella Drew 17 January 2018 - 3:35 pm

They’re on sale at the moment on Amazon. Here’s the link:
Bella x

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