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written by Bella Drew 20 December 2017

10 Things we love about Christmas

We’re doing a really lovely post about the things we love about Christmas. Its our favourite time of the year and there are so many reasons as to why. 


Food & Drink

You can get enough of all the food and drink at christmas. Turkey, all the different meats, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, cakes, so much delicious food. Its the season for mulled wine, I used to hate mulled wine, but as ive got over its grown on me. I still hate eggnog though.



Seeing all family that you haven’t seen in almost a year (or maybe a year) and just spending time with close family that you miss or don’t get to see as often.



All the christmas love, laughter and kindness spread around this time of year. I love it. 



The hilarious games that you play with your drunk family. Charades, Cluedo, cards against humanity, some quizzes. they are what makes a really good christmas in my opinion. 



All the lights, Christmas trees, tinsel, glitter. Its so beautiful how everything seems to sparkle around Christmastime. 



Of course everybody loves presents. I love buying present and watching people open them, but I also love receiving them. I’m such a big kid.



Well, only if it snows. I absolutely love frosty mornings and the clear blue skies after it snows. Shame England has crap weather. 


Christmas films

These are quite literally on repeat on the TV over the christmas period. All the TV channels play whatever they can get their hands on, Netflix, Amazon Prime, they all have tons of magical Christmas films to get you in the mood. Whats better than snuggling down on a cold night with a hot chocolate and a christmas film?


Christmas songs

Now, my absolute favourite is Fairy-tale of New York so we hear this a lot. Conor hates when it when I play Christmas songs in the car, but when hes at work we have them blaring! 


Boxing day sales

Oh god, I could go crazy in the sales. I spend so much money just because of all the discounts and bargains! I always buy random shit that we will never really use and it just gets donated to charity a few months later, but still getting a bargain is far to exciting. Like come on, when else can you buy a mug holder for £2! 


What do you love most about Christmas?

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