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written by Bella Drew 4 December 2017

Babies First Christmas Bucket List

I’m going through Primroses first Christmas bucket list! These are all the things that I feel children should experience every Christmas to get in the Christmas spirit and excited during the holidays. Some of these maybe Primrose will just have to watch me do as she’s too young but she will still be taking part and I’ll try involve her as much as possible. 


  • Drive and look at Christmas lights
  • Take a photo with Santa Claus 
  • Wear a Christmas onesie 
  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Make a Christmas tree ornament 
  • Send Christmas cards 
  • Read a Christmas story 
  • Listen to Christmas music 
  • Have a Christmas photoshoot 
  • Watch a Christmas film
  • See snow (weather permitting) 
  • Sing Christmas carols 
  • Make a Christingle 
  • Leave out whisky and a mince pie for Santa Claus 


Do you have any Christmas traditions that you’d add to the Christmas bucket list?

Or anything you think a baby should do/see on their first Christmas? 

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