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written by Bella Drew 11 December 2017

The Eleventh day of Blogmas

On the eleventh day of blogmas were looking at some Christmas sensory fun for your babies. Now, If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know how much i love sensory play, its my absolute favourite thing to do with Primrose.

We’ve done some Christmas themed sensory fun at home and I’ve found a few on Pinterest that I’d love to try with Primrose when shes a little older. 


Fun under the tree


 This is so easy and literally requires no prep at all. Primrose loves laying underneath the christmas tree watching the lights and the decorations. I laid down next to her once and it was pretty fascinating. 


Touching Tinsel


This was a spare of the moment thing whilst decorating the tree. Primrose was getting a tad bored so I gave her some tinsel and she loved grabbing it and making it rustle. 


Wrapping Paper

This was also spare of the moment whilst wrapping presents. We also put some under her feet and it crunches when she kicks it. Very enjoyable. 


Looking at light up decorations


Anything with lights. This was whilst out shopping for decorations, we noticed she was fascinated by all the different lights about. This one was a particular favourite. 


Light up decorations 

Primroses nanny got her these, they’re weird light up candles with spinning glitter inside. Very cheesy decoration but Primrose loves it! 


These are some sensory ideas that we found on Pinterest:


Christmas tree sensory bottle





Sensory Tub



Christmas Lights




Winter Sensory Bag



Do you have any fun Christmas sensory ideas that we could try?

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