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written by Bella Drew 7 December 2017

Dad Christmas Gift Ideas

Now we’re looking at Christmas gifts for Dad. Men are so hard to buy for and I never know what to get Conor for Christmas. Hopefully some of these things will suit your Husbands for Christmas. 


Affordable gifts

Remington Durablade Wet and Dry Shaver


If your man is a shaver then this electric shaver looks really cool. You never need to replace the blade which would usually sometime cost a lot of money. This has fairly good reviews and as Conor shaves every other day this might be under the tree for him this year.


RhinoShield CrashGuard 2.0 Bumper Case


Everyone needs a phone case, this is one that we’ve had before and it’s amazing. I have literally thrown my phone across the room to the sofa for it then to bounce off and hit the floor, if didn’t leave a scratch. Even after 3 years my phone still doesn’t have a mark on it. 


Brew your own beer kit


Now, Conor has been after one of these for years but I’ve never actually bought it for him. We’ve been to the brewery that brews this beer and had some tasters. It was gorgeous definitely one of the best beers. This kit is a bargain for the price as it makes 32 pints!


Harry Potter socks


If your husband is anything like mine he lives and dies in socks. They never leave his feet apart form baths/showers. So what better present than some socks! He is also a massive fan of Harry Potter, so this is a doubly good gift. 


Dressing Gown & Slippers

Now he has never owned these but I feel with his new Dad status, they’re are a must. Slouchy days in with PJs, dressing gown and slippers are now becoming a thing. The slippers I know he needs as he hates being barefoot in the house and always has to have his shoes on so this will be a good alternative as it drives me up the wall! 


Dad T-shirt


I just think this is so awesome, a dad gift but stylist at the same time. 




An adorable gift that you can have your child’s birth details engraved into. So sweet yet manly enough for him not to be embarrassed by having sentimental stuff on him. 


Manly changing bag


This is definitely needed. When i return to work in June, Conor will be a stay at home dad until September. Although i really want a new changing bag for Christmas, i think a nice mans one will help him be not so embarrassed when out with Primrose. This looks like it’ll hold a really decent amount of stuff and is pretty stylish.


Smartphone Gloves


These gloves are a must have, especially when blogging. You can be out and about wanting to take a quick photo but gloves don’t work with touchscreens sometimes. Hopefully this will keep his hands warm whilst hes playing about on his phone at work or university. 


Solid Copper Wallet Photo Card


Another really cute dad gift. A metal photo of his family for his wallet. Now it seems an american thing to have a photo in your wallet but with this, its very smart, small enough to keep in there and beautifully made. 


Gifts the keep on giving

Beer subscriptions Beer Bods & Honest Brew 

Now this gift is appealing even to me! A beer subscription box! You can choose how many beers they’ll get a month, then they arrive at the door with tons of different brands an d flavours to try it sounds really cool. 

Loot Crate


For that inner geek of a husband/dad. Focuses on games, films and cartoon memorabilia, collectables and toys. But beware they get everywhere and end up taking over your ornament space. 



Sock subscription


Once again, Conor loves socks. This gets him 2 pairs of wacky socks every month to satisfy his love for socks. (I wouldn’t mind one either) 


Shaving Subscription


If you don’t opt for the electric shaver then this subscription means hell never forget to buy blades again. You can choose to add some face wash or goodies if you like and it’ll turn up at their door every month. 


Expensive gifts


Conor has been after a drone since they came out. They’re just stupidly expensive though. This one looks the best drone for the best price. Its easy to control and has a 1080p camera built in. It can also be customised so they can buy extras and play about with modding it. 


Microsoft Xbox One X or Playstation 4 Pro

Now your husband is either an Xbox lover or a Playstation lover. Either way they’ll probably be after the newest console of their choice. 


Dads, whats on your christmas list?

Wives, what do you plan on getting your husbands for christmas?

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