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written by Bella Drew 3 December 2017

Favourite Christmas Films.

This blogmas post is all about Christmas Films! I absolutely love snuggling down in pyjamas, whilst its freezing cold outside with a hot chocolate and watching a Christmassy film. (I even started in November this time) So I thought id share with you my favourite Christmas films, this was super hard as I love so many, but I have chosen my top 10.



1. Elf

I think this has to be in everyone’s favourite Christmas film list. Will Ferrel is just hilarious and I love all his comedies! 

2. The Grinch that stole Christmas

A favourite from childhood, such a Christmassy film that’s fun for all the family. With Jim Carrey as the Grinch, it’s definitely a belly-laughing film. 

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

Now, this is somewhat of a Halloween/Christmas film, you can watch it on both occasions which is great! Its a wonderful Tim Burton film so expect a lot of weird and crazy animations. Got to love Sandy Claws.

4. Home Alone

Back before Macaulay Culkin messed up his life. I love all the Home Alone’s, they’re hilarious! Filled with tons of tricks and the baddies hurting themselves, the kids will love it. 

5. Frozen 

Another ‘not quite a Christmas film’ film, I think it’s actually based in springtime but hey who doesn’t love a Disney singalong. I’ll let you into a little secret, Conor knows all the words. 

6. Miracle on 34th Street

Such a classic, beautiful film about not believing in Father Christmas and then discovering the magic of Christmas. My family always used to watch this as a nice film on the run-up to Christmas, especially when they had suspicions that I didn’t believe. 

7. The Snowman

Such a heartwarming film, I love the film and reading the book. Definitely a Christmas eve classic. Its a film with little words, but leaves so much to the child’s imagination which is great. 

8. The Muppets Christmas Carol 

Now, this wasn’t my favourite when I was little, I thought the muppets were pretty creepy. Until I was around 9, then I started to love the film. Its such a good film about the true meaning of Christmas and I definitely think it needs to be watched in this day and age when children are so obsessed with toys that the real meaning of giving and family is lost. 

9. Bridget Jones Diary

A film for the adults, such a chick flick/Christmas film. I still remember the first time I watched it when I was 12 one Christmas, probably didn’t understand half of it but it has stayed a favourite ever since. So relatable and if you say it isn’t, then you’re a little too perfect.

10. Love actually 

Christmas love stories at their best, a film about bringing everyone together. Bit of a chick flick again, but more of a romantic comedy with a Christmassy twist. Some adult themes obviously, but still such a great film. 



Well, there’s my top 10. There’s so many more that I love to watch but I’d say these are the main film that’ll be on repeat in the Drew household over Christmas. 


What are your favourite Christmas films? Would you add or swap any of my list?

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