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written by Bella Drew 2 December 2017

Gift guide for a 3 month old.

This is Primroses first Christmas and we didn’t have a clue of what to buy her. She’ll be 3 months at Christmas but its so hard trying to predict what shell be into then. 

We had a long hard think and lot of research and we’ve decided to get her toys that will last until her 1st birthday. As there won’t be another big gift-giving event until then, so it makes sense to prepare right?

As shes so young, we’ve only bought her a few bits to open on Christmas day, the rest were going to buy in the sales as she won’t know any different and we know she’s going to get highly spilt bt all her grandparents. 



Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy Sis


We came across this whilst shopping a good few weeks ago, even then Primrose loved it. It sings songs, has a light up heart and talks to you. I think she just loved the lights and the songs but it should last her a while as the box says 6-36 months. Whats really cool about this is you can change the difficulty setting! So she won’t get bored of the same songs and sentences for 36 months.


LeapFrog My Pal Violet


So this is very similar to the one above, but we knew she liked it so this was surely going to be a winner. The main difference is that this one is British, im unsure if it matters at this age but when she does start to copy words they’ll be in a British accent. This one also has a light and different songs, it can also learn her name if programmed in through your phone. Unfortunately Primrose isn’t a common name, so it won’t sing her name, only spell it out, which is such a shame. 


Playlearn Rotating Disco Light Bulb


The disco light bulb is something we wanted to pick up to help primroses sensory development, we know she is going to love it as she is currently in love with Christmas lights and toys that give off any type of light.


O’ball Infant Rattle


This rattle was highly recommended by lots of mums to us. It’s pretty cute, small enough for primroses hands to get a hold and shake. Its made of rubber so nice to chew on. Its a really great stocking filler too.


Chad Valley Pink Ball Pit


So bear with me here, Primrose loves the bath. So I thought a Ball Pit could be like a bath but without getting wet! It also sounds so much fun, as we love ball pits too and if there was an adult one nearby, we would definitely go. I think it’ll last her a while as when shes little she can la in the balls and move her arms and legs to kick them away and when she can sit up she can sit and play in the balls.


Finger Puppets


Finger puppets were an easy choice,  it’s a great way to make a story out of animals and people while being fully interactive with her. They are soft, cuddly and easily washable which we thought would be perfect for primrose who is a very sicky baby.


Baby mirror


One thing we have noticed over the last few weeks is how much Primrose loves looking at other babies and her self, any time we walk her past a mirror she just makes eye contact with her self, and even cracks a few smiles. She really hates tummy time, so hopefully, this will help her enjoy it a little more. 




These were a recommendation from a friend, they look really simple and boring but you can do almost anything with them. They re perfect to chew, a great size to hold, you can link them together to make a chain, you can add them to the car seat or pram. The possibilities are endless. 


Teether Rattle


This looks like the coolest rattle/teether there is. Its got lots of things to fiddle with, small enough for tiny hands and chewable! Hopefully, it’ll keep her amused during the months teething we have ahead of us.


Carseat Toy


Primrose has a love-hate relationship with the car. Some days she loves it, others she screams until we give up and don’t go out. Hopefully, this entertaining little toy will help, it plays songs and she found it interesting in the shop so fingers crossed. 


Twist and turn rattle


My little sister loved her toy like this when she was little, so I hate to get Primrose one. It’s noisy, chewable and a bit of a puzzle. 


Bubble machine


BUBBLES!!! Who doesn’t love bubbles, we know we do, and we know Primrose loves them even more than us. Every baby club that we go to that has bubbles makes her a very happy baby. Mix the bubble machine and the disco light and you’ve got a fun sensory experience. 


Sensory toys

Spikey ball


This was a little gem we discovered at a baby group. Rubbing this up and down Primrose’s legs and arms must have triggered something, it’s a great way for her to feel new sensations on her body and with these balls when you shake them they light up. Perfect for rolling along her skin, letting her grab and touch the texture and showing her the lights when she is little, and rolling them along the floor when she is able to sit up.


Water Beads


Water beads are something I have used plenty of times, one was in my degree when making homemade sensory objects. All you do is add water, wait a little while and you have some fun jelly-like balls you can use anywhere, use them in the bath, or just in a bowl to let Primrose squish with her hands and feel the new textures.


Fibre Optic Lamp


Primrose has loved fibre optic lamps since she was a newborn, the very first baby group I took her had one, and the colourful lights just infatuated her. We have had some major trouble finding one out in the wild (away from the internet) but this will be perfect for playtime. 


Water Projector


We discovered this when we went Christmas decoration shopping. In the store, there were tons of different projections on the ceiling and she really loved this one. We didn’t buy the one in the store as it was very expensive but as we love our online shopping, we found a discounted one on Amazon (Yay!). I also can’t wait to use this at night whilst feeding Primrose to get her relaxed ready for bed. It also has a timer so if Primrose needs a nightlight once she moves it her own room this will be perfect!


Wooden Toys

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker


Every child has to have a stacking toy. I just love this bright wooden rainbow one. It’ll look super cute in her bedroom or nice for her to chew on whilst teething. 


Wooden Musical Instruments Set


LOUD MUSICAL TOYS! Something any parent would turn away from, and something Conor has brought for our niece just to annoy his sister. But we decided that it is full of useful items that may be annoying but will aid in her development such as hearing and finding noises. Plus Conor will love having a play with this.


Other Bits

Baltic Amber Necklace and Bracelet


Although Primrose already has an amber bracelet, we thought we’d get her a set ready for those teething days ahead. I love the use of amber for pain relief and comfort. We’ve found her bracelet really works well for her reflux and are hoping it’ll work just as well for her teething. 


Beautifully Wild Creations 


We bought Primrose some gorgeous handmade sleep bags, a blanket and a taggy blanket. I absolutely love custom made items, they’re so unique and such great quality. I know she’ll get a lot more wear out of these and they’ll definitely be a present that gets used. Plus that blanket I adorable with little bunny ears. 


Reusable Nappies

As you may know, Primrose is in cloth nappies and has been since birth. For Christmas shes getting some new nappies! Although this may seem a weird gift, it’s definitely a useful one and one that’ll last her a good couple of years. This would be a great gift to give someone with a baby of any age, it means one less nappy in the landfill and some beautiful cloth bums. We love Totbots, they have an amazing offer on at the moment so check them out!


So what started off to be a short post actually ended up being pretty long.

Hopefully, if you have a baby of a similar age it’ll help you decide on Christmas gifts.

What are you getting your babies for Christmas?

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