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written by Bella Drew 23 December 2017

Handmade Baby Christmas Cards

In this Blogmas post we’re talking about handmade Christmas cards with Primrose. We made these a while ago but we didn’t want to upload them until our family had received them. 

This year as we have our gorgeous little Primrose with us, were going to be making our own Christmas cards for the family. We wanted them to be extra special for them. I’ve had a search on Pinterest for some designs and were going to recreate them. 

We decided on reindeer and mistletoe footprints. 

So we bought some green, brown and red ink from Hobbycraft along with some blank cards and a christmas stamp set. 




Firstly we rubbed the stamper onto Primroses foot, stamped it down on the card and waited for it to dry.

Next we drew on some antlers, eyes and a red fingerprint nose and added the ‘Merry Christmas’ stamp to the card.

Finally we Designed and printed off card inserts which we stuck into the middle of the card and filled them out for the family. 





Firstly we rubbed the stamper ink onto Primroses feet using both this time, stamped both her feet down onto the card one at a time with her heels touching to look like mistletoe. For this we used two different shades of green, then waited for them to dry.

Next we added some fingerprint berries and stamped ‘Merry Christmas’ on the top. We are going to add a red ribbon at her heels.

Finally, the same as the reindeer cards, we added our inserts. 




I think they’ve turned out beautifully. We’ll definitely be doing this again next year, maybe it’ll become one of our christmas traditions. 


Are you making your own Christmas cards?

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