Blogmas | Mum and Dad duties at Christmas

written by Bella Drew 17 December 2017

​Mum and Dad duties at Christmas

So I’m pretty sure you’re all well aware of the imbalance between how men and women do certain things. Now Im not being sexist in any way or judgemental but over christmas it is mainly us women/mums having to do everything! 

Typical men leave everything to the last minute or forget hoe close to christmas it is or simply haven’t a clue what goes into a roast, let alone how to cook it. 

Now, Conor does a lot but over Christmas I’ve found it is me doing most of the Christmas prep, so I thought I’d write a jokey post about the “duties” that men and women have differently over Christmas. 



  • Gets the tree down
  • Put the Christmas lights up
  • Goes to Christmas parties
  • Hasn’t a clue what presents are wrapped under the tree
  • Eat Father Christmas’ goodies
  • Wash up


  • Decorates the tree
  • Buys all the presents for her family, the kids and his family
  • Goes shopping for the dreaded Christmas dinner and nibbles
  • Bakes treats
  • Writes out all the cards
  • Wraps all the presents
  • Lay out Father Christmas’ goodies
  • Cooks Christmas dinner on the day

Can you think of anymore that you’d add? Is Christmas different in your household? 

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