Breastfeeding must haves

written by Bella Drew 16 March 2018
breastfeeding must haves

I’m now 6 months into my breastfeeding journey and I’m still loving every moment. I’ll have to write up another update soon on how our journey has changed.

Recently I’ve been having a think about some of the most useful things I’ve had to help me breastfeed.


Nipple cream

breastfeeding must haves

You can never have enough of this stuff. Pop it on each nipple after a feed to help prevent them getting sore. If your nipples are already sore you can use it a bit more frequently to help aid the healing. Remember don’t use it before a feed as it can cause a slippery latch for baby.


Breast pump

breastfeeding must haves

If you’re after a breast pump, this one by Pumpables is amazing. Its so quiet and the suction is super strong, I don’t have to go over halfway in strength for it to unclog a blocked duct. Another great thing is that its a fraction of the price of leading brand pumps but yet I prefer this pump.


Let down collectorBeemom silicone breast pump

This is amazing for saving any milk waste. Just put it on your boob whilst feeding with the other side and it will catch all your let down. Alternatively, you can put it on before a feed to help ease the flow for your baby if your letdown is too strong. Read my full review here.


Milk storage bagsbreastfeeding must haves

If you are going to use a milk collector or pump, you really need some milk storage bags. Now I’ve tried a few different brands from expensive ones to cheap supermarket own ones and I found the Medela ones the best.

Alternatively, you can store your milk in glass mason jars. I did want to do this, but the amount of milk I have in the freezer it would cost me too much.


Breastpadsbreastfeeding must haves

As I love being more eco-friendly these breast pads are great. Don’t get me wrong, the disposable ones do hold a decent amount, but these bad boys are crazy! Before i knew these existed I used the disposable ones and used to fill 2/3 at once. I was a heavy leaker. When I switched to reusable ones i literally only had to wear one! Plus they do their bit of the environment.


Gel soothing compresses

breastfeeding must haves

These are a definite must-have. Even now at 6 months I still use one on the very odd occasion that Primrose is having a cluster feed and they get a little sore. They’re little-prefilled gel pads that you put on your nipples to soothe them. For a deep treatment, I put mine on overnight or when I go out. They’re amazing. 


Nipple shields

breastfeeding must haves

Now nipple shields are sometimes seen as the enemy. They really aren’t. They’re a godsend. When I was so close to quitting because Primrose had tongue tie and when she was only a day old my nipples were very sore. Without these, I think I would have given up breastfeeding. I used them for 5 months, all different brands but these were a great fit for me and Primrose. If you need to use them, use them. 


Nursing bra

breastfeeding must haves

You need a comfy nursing bra. You will practically be living in bras, especially nursing bras. This bra is my absolute favourite.  Its the comfiest bra I think I’ve ever owned and its custom made for me and my boobs. It literally feels like wearing nothing, whilst still being supportive and perfect to breastfeed in.


So these are my must-haves. I still use all of these half a year in and ill probably still use them until the end of my journey so they’re definitely worth buying.

If you breastfeed, I’d love to know what would your must-haves be? 

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