Breastmilk bath

written by Bella Drew 11 November 2017

I had a lot of breastmilk left over from before I went dairy free, so I decided that instead of wasting it, to do Primrose a breastmilk bath.

As I’ve mentioned before in my post about the breast milk lotion and bottom butter; breastmilk is very good for the skin, its very soothing, moisturising and healing. 

Primrose has some dry skin that’s being cleared up by the breastmilk lotion I made last week, but I think this bath will be nice and soothing for her.

So I wasn’t going to let this lovely liquid gold go to waste.


How to make a breastmilk bath

Its so so easy. 

Simply defrost your milk, or express some. Fresh breastmilk will be a lot more effective but any milk will do. Never use mouldy milk. 

Pour into your bath until the water becomes cloudy we used around 10oz in our baby bath. It made the water nice and milky.


If you’re specifically treating a skin condition then make sure it’s throughly soaked in the water. 

After the bath moisture using your breast milk lotion. This helps lock in the breastmilk with even more breastmilk for extra goodness. 

You can also scatter some petals in the bath for a cutesy photo. 


Milk bathMilk bath


Breastmilk baths aren’t just for babies. Add some milk to your own bath with a few essential oils or Epsom salt and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully calming, soothing bath.

As breastmilk has healing properties a plain breastmilk bath would be perfect for postpartum healing but remember bit to add anything else to the water to avoid infection. 



Don’t ever ‘pump and dump’, make sure you save it in the freezer with a special label on to use in your milk bath or breastmilk lotion. 


Have you ever made a breastmilk bath? How did it go? Any top tips? 

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