Cake Smash top tips

written by Bella Drew 30 October 2018
cake smash

We had our cake smash with Primrose for her first birthday and we had such a wonderful time.

I thought I would write up my top tips to prepare for your baby’s first cake smash.



A well-rested baby will be so much better for photos than a tired one. It also means that they’ll have maximum energy and excitement for the photo shoot and not be grumpy.

You should also see if you can time their snack time or lunch with the photoshoot. This was they won’t be starving, but a little hungry and raring to go and demolish that cake. Maybe pack a few of your baby’s favourite snacks just in case they need a little encouragement (we took primrose some blueberries).

cake smah



When preparing for your cake smash pick out a few photo outfits to bring with you. One for the pre-smash photos, one for the cake smash and one to go home in. They will get very messy, so you definitely need a few outfit changes. If you can’t choose, or simply forget (like us) Jess has lots of wonderful outfits that you can borrow for the shoot. Parents will get messy too, so be prepared for cake on your clothes, face and hair!

cake smash


Clean up

After the cake smash, your baby will have a small bath to clean off. Id suggest to also bring wet wipes to help get the majority of the cake off beforehand.

cake smash


Messy play

A photo shoot can be a bit daunting for your baby, they’re in a room they’ve never been in before with lights a bit camera and lots of new surroundings so it can be overwhelming. Definitely have a few trial runs at home.

Play with different foods and mess about with the textures. On the day if its something your baby has done before, they’ll be a lot more relaxed and give you an amazingly destroyed cake.

cake smash


Enjoy it!

Have fun, this photoshoot is marking a milestone in your baby’s life. Be relaxed, and get stuck in. Join your baby eating the cake, laugh, smile and enjoy yourselves. Don’t forget to take the leftover cake home to eat!


Check out Jess Wilkins Photography who took such wonderful photos of Primrose for her birthday.






We were kindly gifted our cake smash photoshoot, all experiences and feelings are real.


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