Ethical Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

written by Bella Drew 1 December 2018

As Christmas is fast approaching you might be stuck on a few ideas about what to get your toddler. I know I always leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute no matter how organised I try to be.

We have been obsessed with wooden toys since Primrose was very little. I love how open-ended they are, how she’s beginning to develop her imagination and how long they’ll last.  She now only has one plastic toy in the whole house, which is amazing!

For Christmas this year, we have been looking at toys that will last her until she is two in September. Wooden, ethical and eco-friendly of course are at the top of our list. 

So here are my top picks for every budget.



Ethical Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Books are the kind of gift that can last forever. I absolutely love Tkmaxx for books, you can always find them at a fraction of the price of other retailers. There are usually tons of books for you to have a sort through, but if you look hard enough you find some amazing hidden gems. I chose an owl pop up book, a noisy dinosaur book and a big book of nursery rhymes. Of course, books can also be found in charity shops as people donate them as their child grows out of them. I picked Primrose up a bedtime stories book brand new with all the pages still crisp for only 70p! 



All toddlers love puzzles. The love learning how to put things back and playing with the pieces. Primrose has had a shape sorting puzzle since her birthday, but she’s only just started to show interest in it. So for Christmas, I’ve picked up some puzzles from my favourite place (TK Maxx). I got three from Melissa and Doug, a simple shape puzzle, an animal puzzle with sounds and a hide and seek puzzle. I also got her a small cat puzzle, a bird stacking puzzle and a 10 piece mum and baby puzzle set. 


Lanka Kade animals

These have been one of Primrose’s favourites for a while now. She is constantly playing with them and bringing them to me to make the animal noises. They’ve also helped her learn nearly all the animals we have! We also use them whilst reading stories as a type of story sack.  They’re so reasonably priced, very chunky so are perfect for little hands and durable (ours have been thrown across the room and they still look immaculate).  These fair trade animals are all lovingly handmade in SriLanka and help to reduce poverty.  Lanka Kade also makes smaller ones, which I find perfect for putting in the changing bag for out and about play.


Rudi and bears Ned the Robot

Ethical Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

A little wooden robot with endless possibilities. Im hoping he will be a hit with Primrose, me and Conor love him already! His eyes seem to follow you around like magic, so I definitely think this little robot comes to life when nobody is around. Neds are handcrafted out of beautiful oak, so each ned has individual and unique grains and finished off with a cornish beeswax polish. This Ned has a rainbow P on the front for Primrose (of course) but there are so many beautiful designs and they can even make your very own custom Ned. 


Wooden cars

These are an absolute bargain from Morrisons!  They honestly are THE most played with toy in our house. Primrose loves them. They’re chunky, fully made out of wood and are brightly coloured. Easy for little hands to grab hold of, the wheels are big enough to roll on the carpet. They come in the four colours above which are lovely bright to help teach them their colours. 


One dear world multicultural dolls

Ethical Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

These One Dear World multicultural ragdolls are so beautiful. They were designed to encourage a secure self-image and introduce diversity to children from a young age to help create a kinder world in our next generation. There are four dolls to choose from; Lea from Oslo, Parth from Mumbai, Jun from Hong Kong and Hope from Ghana. For that extra special present, you can get all four of the friends and a lovely storybook that every child will enjoy. Primrose is in love with dolls and babies lately so she will love getting Hope and Jun for Christmas. 

I absolutely One Dear Worlds ethos in helping children to love themselves and be a part of the world of diversity.  They’re all gorgeously handsewn, in a factory certified by the Ethical Toy Program. They are a member of 1% for the Planet so we donate 1% of our sales to support non-profits that are working to save the environment. They use minimal packaging and offer a fair-trade cotton gift bag as an add-on.

Keep an eye out for a full review in the new year!

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Grimms wooden toys

Ethical Toddler Christmas Gift GuideRainbows. Our rainbow collection consists of the 10 piece sunset rainbow, 6 piece rainbow and the mini rainbow. Primrose is getting the 12 piece rainbow off her grandad for Christmas (yay!). These are so much fun, you can stack them, balance them, use them as houses, make roads out of them, make a marble run… there so many ways you can play with these rainbows. 

Wankel. A 12 piece triangular stacking tower.  Perfect for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Primrose loves stacking this while we count and tell her the colours. She also loves posting the pieces through a cardboard box hole. 

Balls. 6 rainbow coloured wooden balls. These can be used for throwing, catching, rolling, hitting together, you can use them in a large marble run and are a great toy for learning colours and numbers. 

All Grimms toys are opened ended and timeless. They’re all hand carved from a single piece of wood from sustainable forests in Europe and carefully dyed with a non-toxic water based stain so you can still see the beautiful natural wood markings through.

I love the fact that Primrose has these at one year old but she’ll still uses and enjoy them when she’s seven-plus. If they’re not too bashed about (because primrose is very heavy-handed) Id love to keep these and hand them down to siblings. So even though they are an expensive gift, they will last so long and the play possibilities are literally endless.


I hope you’ve found some wonderful ideas for some last minute gifts.

What’s on your Christmas list this year for your toddler? Anything eco-friendly?


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This post contains items that have been gifted, all thoughts are my own.

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