Goals for 2018

written by Bella Drew 1 January 2018

So Christmas is officially over, everything is slowly going back to normal and people are thinking of their new years resolutions. I have no idea what my resolutions were last year or if I stuck to them (probably not) but this year I’m going to make goals rather than resolutions.


Start Vlogging

I want to give Vlogging a go, it seems that YouTube Vloggers are definitely on the rise and with the world becoming increasingly more time constrictive (especially if you have kids) that watching a short Vlog is a lot more convenient than reading a blog post. I’m guilty of this, my books have not been opened since having primrose and sitting watching Vlogs on the TV whilst i breastfeed has become my way of passing time. 

Make more time for myself

Now, this is a weird goal but Im starting to miss ‘me time’. And yes, i know that once you’re a parent your whole time is devoted to these little replicas of you and your partner, but once in a while id love some ‘me time’. I used to love relaxing baths with a a bath bomb, now i share my bath time with Primrose, or have to rush a quick shower. 

Spend more time with Conor

Having a baby is such a big change in anyones life. One of my goals is to make more time for me and conor. Maybe a date night once a fortnight with cheap/indoor dates we can do, just to we feel like us again. At the minute its all about Primrose, but once shes settled down to sleep, spending some time together would be lovely. 

Start saving money

Now that Primrose is here and we’d like to start saving for a bigger place I’ve got to stop spending and start saving. This is so hard for me to do, especially whilst being on maternity leave and wanting to buy anything and everything for Primrose. 

Make more ‘real life’ Mummy/Daddy friends

I really need to start getting out the house more. I have tons of parent friends online which is such a blessing as were all going through the same leaps and developments with our babies at the same time. Its so lovely for other mums to be able to relate to how were all feeling or what our babies are doing. Most of the friends i have made online their babies were due around the same time as Primrose, some are form a Hyperemesis support group and others from Instagram. But i do need to find some physical friends. Problem is, I’m really shy so its very difficult to start up a conversation with someone i don’t know. i have no idea what to say. I definitely need to work on friend making.  

Learn to drive

I’ve been putting this off for so long, this has definitely got to be done by the end of the year. I can drive, but need to take my theory again (as I failed twice) and my actual driving test. Then i can have a little more freedom with Primrose as busses cost so much these days, it costs me nearly £10 to go to the city and back! 

Be more minimalist

Both me and Conor are such hoarders, but it has really started to bug me lately. I feel like I am pregnant and going through nesting all over again. I want everything cleared and minimal to stop it keep getting messy, as it seems everyday I’m tidying non stop. To start off with, I want to sort out our clothes, as we have far to many. Primroses clothes are okay, as she has reflux she changed clothes at least 5 times a day so she has to have a fair amount, but for us we just need to have a wardrobe cleanse. 
And that’s all of my goals, i really hope at least 3 of them get achieved by the end of the year, and now that I have a physical record of them, there’s no reason not to. 
Do you have any goals for 2018?

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