I was breastfeeding shamed.

written by Bella Drew 26 June 2018

I have only ever been shamed for breastfeeding once and to tell you the truth I didn’t actually share my experience of it until now. Not because I was upset, far from it, I was fuming. Maybe embarrassment? Maybe guilt? I’m not sure.

I was up city one day with Primrose, we had been doing lots of shopping and she had just woke up from her nap.

She was hungry so of course, I stopped at a cafe called Patisserie Valerie.

I went up to the counter and ordered an ice tea because it was so hot that day and I was melting. Anyway, the girl behind the counter asked me to take a seat as its table service. Perfect I thought, I can start feeding Primrose and not have o try and juggle a drink and the pram.

So I sat near the window in full view of the desk and got Primrose out and started feeding.

A few people came in and didn’t even look, until one man. Dressed in a suit, looking all smug on his way out he looked at me feeding, the turned around went back to the counter and said something to the girls there, then stormed out giving me the dirtiest look.

Clearly, he has never seen a breast before.

Anyway, I carried on minding my own business feeding Primrose, and my drink is taking ages to come over, even though the girls are just standing there chatting.

Around 10 minutes later Primrose has finished feeding and started to put her in the pram, I overheard the girls behind the counter giggle and one of them say to the other “shes done now, quick go go”. Once Primrose was in the pram the girl came over and asked if I was ready to order. I replied saying “I did order an ice tea a while ago but I’m done now” because Primrose clearly won’t be patient while I sit and enjoy an ice tea.

She then replied that ‘I can’t just come in and feed because customers make complaints’, gave me a snotty look and walked back over to her friend. On my way out, I told her that by law I can feed my daughter wherever I am allowed to be and it’s downright rude to discriminate against a breastfeeding mother. And walked out.

This made me so angry. It’s a boiling hot day, I was feeding my daughter and already ordered my drink. Why didn’t they just bring it over? Are they that scared of breastfeeding? Scared of a little boob? Scared of a baby eating?

Honestly i wasn’t offended, i was simply angry. I wish I’d have got their names to report them to management.

I’ve never in my whole 9 months of breastfeeding felt so embarrassed or empowered about feeding in public.

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