Matchstick Monkey – The perfect teether?

written by Bella Drew 10 April 2018
Matchstick Monkey - The perfect teether

Primrose has been teething now for a couple of months, and it seems she is constantly chewing. All day, every day.

We’ve had quite a few teething toys but they didn’t seem to be easy for Primrose to hold and chew. She has only recently picked up on her hand-eye coordination and grip, before that she couldn’t put anything in her mouth herself.


Matchstick monkey kindly sent us a teether for Primrose

I hadn’t come across anything that looked similar to the matchstick monkey that looked easy enough for Primrose to grasp. All other teethers I’ve found were too bulky to fit in her mouth or didn’t really hit that front spot that she wanted. She did have another teether that she was fond of but that was in a blanket form which isn’t ideal.

Matchstick Monkey - The perfect teether


My thoughts

Pricewise, it’s not an expensive teether at £9.99, especially for how popular it has been with Primrose. I would say you definitely get your money’s worth as she uses every day.

I love the design and how I can attach a dummy/toy strap to make sure she doesn’t drop or lose it when we’re out.

Its wipe clean, which is great for dribbly teething babies.

Its handy (and a lot more hygienic) for applying teething liquid or gel. Primrose can help massage it into her gums without it all immediately being spat out as she hates the taste of that stuff.

 Matchstick Monkey - The perfect teether

Primroses thoughts

Primrose absolutely loves her matchstick monkey and it goes everywhere with us. Its one of her favourite teethers and I feel it’s really helped her with teething.

It has different textures for her to explore, its make out of silicone so it’s practically unbreakable. The bright colour and high contrast little monkey face really catches her eye. They also have a new Dancing Monkey with a few more textures to explore.

Matchstick Monkey - The perfect teether

It has lots of little parts to wrap her fingers around, and arms either side for her to hold on with both hands and guide it to her mouth.

Matchstick Monkey - The perfect teether

It’s also really helped her hand-eye coordination, as she has got so much better at picking up the monkey and putting it in her mouth. Which is amazing!




The matchstick monkey is a great teether. I can’t fault it.

Primrose absolutely loves it and uses it everyday to soothe her sore gums as her first teeth are making their way through.

Whether you are thinking of one for your own baby, a friends baby pr even a baby shower gift I guarantee it’ll be loved!

Check them out over on their website and grab yourself (well your baby) a teether.



We were sent the Matchstick Monkey for purposes of this review, all thoughts are my own with help from Primrose.

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