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written by Bella Drew 16 June 2018
messy me

We started baby led weaning a couple of months ago now,  Messy Me was very kind to send us one of their beautiful high chair cushions.

We decided to buy the Ikea Antilop high chair after a lot of recommendations from other mothers. So we were sent the Messy Me insert that’s made specifically designed and made for the Antilop.


My thoughts

As mentioned before, it fits perfectly in the Ikea Antilop high chair.

The design of the high chair cushion is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful vintage rose pattern, perfect for our little Primrose. The oilcloth its made out of its very hard wearing and resistant to most stains. It’s also BPA free, which is perfect.

Wipe clean which is a godsend with baby led weaning. It’s easy to clean without having to remove it from the high chair. On those occasions where mealtime has been extra messy, we’ve been able to lay it flat and completely wipe it clean. This a lot means that they are no little nooks or crannies where food can hide or get trapped.

The messy me cushion folds up fairly small, so it’s easy to take out and about with you. This is also handy as most restaurants have the Ikea high chair but if not, it does tend to fit into other styles fairly well.

Pricewise it comes in at a very good £22 which is very reasonable.  


Primroses thoughts

She finds it very comfortable. It’s very cushioned, soft and squishy. She doesn’t make a fuss about being in the high chair, which is surprising as she’s a very fussy girl sometimes.

The cushion really supports her. I didn’t realise this until the other day when we were out and forgot to pack the high chair cushion. She wasn’t as stable as she is at home, even though she can sit up by herself, without the cushion she was very wobbly. It made me realise how much support the cushion actually gives her.



I think it’s an amazing product. Soo easy to clean, which as a parent is exactly what you want especially during mealtimes.

Id highly recommend one to anyone who has or is planning to use the Ikea antilop high chair or other wooden high chairs.

You can get one for your high chair on their website.


We were sent the high chair cushion for purposes of this review, all thoughts are my own with help from Primrose.

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