Mothers Select Organic Goats Rue

written by Bella Drew 23 March 2018
Mothers Select Organic Goats Rue Review

I was sent some Mother’s select Organic Goats Rue to help me in building my supply ready to return to work.  


My milk production is pretty good, Primrose gets all she needs and is gaining weight well but finding a supplement like this that actually works for you is difficult. In the next few months, I’m going to have to pump more to build my milk stash up ready for when I go back to work. Sadly it’s creeping around quicker than I’d like.

I started the supplement around a month ago now, taking the lower dose of 1-2 capsules, 4 times daily with food. 

As my supply was settled I rarely leaked and luckily was engorged that much anymore, unless Primrose missed a feed. Within a couple of days, I noticed an increase in my milk supply. I was woken up at the early hours in the morning with such engorged breasts I just had to pump to relieve them. Primrose didn’t miss a feed, she actually woke up whilst I was pumping and fed off the other breast. That night I pumped a huge 8oz through one breast!

Mothers Select Organic Goats Rue Review


My thoughts

I love that they’re organic. To me, that’s important, as you know that there’s not going to be any nasties in there.

The pills are not super big. I’d compare them in size to a popular pregnancy multivitamin.

They didn’t smell, which is a good thing for me as I have a strong sense of smell.

They contain no allergens! Hurray! It’s so hard to find lactation products that don’t contain dairy. 

Pricewise, they’re a tad on the expensive side but I personally would pay anything to be able to continue my breastfeeding journey if it came down to it.  They have a money back guarantee, so if they don’t work for you, you can simply get a full refund or try another of their lactation supplements. 

Mothers Select Organic Goats Rue ReviewMothers Select Organic Goats Rue Review

The difference

After taking the supplements for a few weeks I’ve noticed a few changes in my milk and milk production.

When I do pump, I’ve noticed that I can get around 6-8oz in roughly half an hour. Which is amazing!

My letdown has become strong. When Primrose pulls off whilst feeding my let down is the strongest it’s ever been. It squirts her in the face and soaks us both.

That also means that I’ve started to leak a lot more. Especially at night. I haven’t really been engorged since Primrose was a tiny baby, but now I’ve noticed that I do become engorged a lot more overnight.



They’re a great supplement. They worked for me, but remember that everyone is different.

They helped me boost my supply to pump a stash and to be honest my supply has stayed quite big even after finishing the supplements.

Mothers Select Organic Goats Rue Review

I don’t suggest taking any breastfeeding supplement until your milk supply has settled, around 3 months. Your body will make enough for your baby. The amount you can pump has no indication of your supply. My friend can pump 2-3oz and her babies a gorgeous chunk, I can pump a lot but my girl is small. We’re all different.


I was sent the Mothers Select Organic Goats Rue Supplements for purposes of this review, all thoughts are my own.

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