Mum guilt & mum friends

written by Bella Drew 12 March 2019

Throughout January I made a promise to myself that we would try get out the house once a day, even if it’s just a trip to the local park. To help me stop feeling so trapped and just generally run down with being indoors all the time with an energetic toddler.

It’s actually been going well. We’ve been going to more toddler groups, which Primrose absolutely loves but it fills me with mum guilt for not making more of an effort to take her to them before.

Going to baby groups when she was younger had put me off baby groups, the anxiety I’d feel walking into a room full of made up women when I looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, they always fell during nap time so Prim would either be asleep or moody and I found the mums there extremely clicky.

So I never returned. And now I regret that because I feel that Primrose has missed out because I’m too shy to talk to anyone.

Now that she’s older I feel I can approach mums more, if Primrose is playing with their child or they bump heads etc. Always a good time to spark conversation but then I feel a bit lost. Like do I immediately say “can we be friends as I have none” or “please like me and be my friend” I always seem to leave it as I don’t quite know what to say. Then I get upset later because I missed out on gaining a friend.

How do you go about making mum friends in real life?

I always find online so much easier, hence why I found Conor that way. Because you get all the small talk out the way and can dive straight into conversation which I really struggle with in real life.


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