Mum & You – Nappychat Review

written by Bella Drew 20 November 2017
Nappychat, our first try of a disposable nappy since birth.
You may have noticed that we used cloth nappies on Primrose. Mainly due to how eco-friendly they are and gentle on her skin.
We haven’t really tried many disposables due to the chemicals in them and companies being sly about their ingredients. We’ve only found a select few companies that offer biodegradable nappies that we like.
Mum & you are a UK based company that is run by mums for mums.
“Each Nappychat nappy is illustrated with a playful tribe of characters to help inspire you with song and story ideas to keep your little one captivated and wriggle-free during changing time. 
Our biodegradable wipes aren’t full of nasty chemicals and can clean even eczema-prone skin. All our products have been made with love, care and genuine insight into what mums and babies really want. 
Mum & You employs Mums across our organisation allowing flexible work and a deep understanding of your world”

First impressions

The nappy design is very gorgeous and fun. This is what attracts me to nappies and cloth nappies. Who wants a boring white bum when you can have a colour bum!
They feel so silky soft both inside and out.
Call me weird but they definitely don’t have that disgusting plastically smell that I found the leading brands had when sent sample when I was pregnant.

Nappychat are;

100% biodegradable
Eco-friendly chlorine-free bleached wood pulp
No perfume, dyes or lotions
Hypoallergenic and latex free
Dermatologically tested
Made in the U.K.


We tried out the nappy for the first time during a trip up to the city. Nappy change around 3 pm. She ate then slept in the car and around town for around 4 to 5 hours. She doesn’t usually nap so long as she’s going through a developmental leap so she’s very sleepy.
Anyways nappy change and the nappy has held up great, I was very impressed. For 4 to 5hrs of use, the nappy wasn’t nearly soaked through. They definitely locked in all of that pee. No poop yet.


Mum & you guarantee leak free and dry bums for up to 12hrs, so let’s put them to the ultimate test with a nighttime test.
Primrose fell asleep at around 10:30 pm, slept through until 7:30 am.
She fed, had cuddles and at 9 am had a nappy change.
Well, by this time I was really worried. Expecting tons of leaks and maybe a poop explosion.
The nappy held up amazingly. It was full, and I mean full to the brim, with pee but was still dry to the touch. She didn’t poop but I’m sure if she would have it would have been contained.


Super soft and silky on babies skin
Cute designs
Definitely leakproof


Can’t find their ingredients anywhere on their website. I wasn’t sent a packet with the samples so maybe they’re on there. But other eco-friendly disposable nappies are proud to boast about their all natural ingredients.
The cost. But I feel they’re definitely worth the price.


I think that these nappies are great. Eco-friendly, gentle on babies skin, no nasties and biodegradable.
I feel that as a cloth nappy user, I’d gladly have one of these in my changing bag for emergencies or round parents houses as a backup.
We had no leaks, held up the 10 hours that it was on her and her skin wasn’t red, sore or wet. It lasted amazingly overnight and I would put full trust in them during the day too.

If you’re not keen on cloth nappies, I 100% recommend Mum & You nappies. They’re good for the environment, gentle on your babies skin and have no chemicals. 
Get them here where you can buy them by the pack or order a subscription and have your nappies and wipes for the month turn up at your door!
nappychat nappychat
We were sent some sample nappies for purposes of this review, all thoughts are our own.

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