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written by theDrews 15 September 2017

As we all know your body, baby and birth have a mind of its own so you can’t really ‘plan’ your birth (unless you have opted for a c-section). 

So I decided that if I wrote a plan and it didn’t go to plan it would stress me out a little as I really like things to be precise and go to plan. Instead, I simply have a checklist of what I would like and what I wouldn’t with some pointers of how id like the environment. 

As me and Conor would like a natural birth without any pain relief and have practised Hypnobirthing so we’ve pretty much based it around that.

To begin with id like to labour at home for as long as possible (even if an induction is needed), I plan to watch a funny film, get lots of cuddles from Conor, maybe relax in the bath/shower and just let all the wonderful oxytocin flow.

Then once I am ready to go into the hospital my ‘birth plan’ will take effect.

Birth Plan of Bella and Conor Drew



We have been practising hypnobirthing and our focus is on a calm and natural birth. We would appreciate your support in this by helping us to create a calm and quiet environment at all times, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

We would also request no coaching is given during the second stage and that all conversations are kept to an absolute minimum.

If you have any questions please ask Conor Drew in the first instance and not me.

Thank you so much for your help and support during my birth.


Yes please

  • Water Birth
  • Birth Photographer
  • Conor to tell me what baby is (boy or girl)
  • Conor to catch/touch the baby first.
  • Delayed umbilical cutting (10-15 mins)
  • Conor to cut cord
  • 1 Hour Skin to skin (If emergency C-section, Conor to have immediate skin to skin with baby)
  • Gas & Air if needed
  • Ask all questions or tell Conor what’s happening.
  • Ok to have a trainee midwife present


No thankyou

  • No baby cleaning before putting on me.
  • No drugs
  • Pessary only, no further induction



  • Battery tealights
  • Hypnobirthing music
  • Essential oils in room
  • Relaxed quiet environment

Basically, this is the long version and explanations as to why I’d like these things. 

For the actual labour itself, im quite open to whatever happens with just a few preferences such as; If a birthing pool is available then I want prefer a water birth as I love the idea of it and it’s just what I’ve wanted ever since finding out I was pregnant.  I’d love to have a natural birth without any pain relief but I don’t really mind gas & air if I really need it. I don’t want to be offered any pain relief (as I feel that I would cave in and accept it, which I really don’t want to do). 

Also, my birth plan has had to change a little due to our news at our 38-week scan. Since an induction is looking more likely, I’ve decided that id be willing to have a pessary (as long as I can go home and still be able to have a water birth) but if that fails, im going to wait, maybe have a sweep and then hopefully another pessary. I really don’t want to be put on a drip to induce me or have my waters broken by someone. 

During my surges (contractions) I’d like Conor to be asked all questions and be informed of anything that they midwives would need to get across o me as I want to be completely relaxed, zoned out and in the zone as much as possible. Conor knows what I want, what im happy with and I have complete trust in him and his decisions during my birth. 

Erm, I also don’t mind if a trainee midwife is present at the birth, as long as they respect my wishes for a hypnobirthing birth and doesn’t distract/annoy me (which im sure they won’t). 

We have arranged for a birth photographer to be there at the birth. This is super exciting! We had to have loads of meetings with the head of midwifery and the delivery suite as they had no protocol or contract in place for birth photography at the Norfolk and Norwich so she didn’t really know what to expect or whats allowed. Anyway, the brand new protocol and contract have been put in place just a few days ago! (Yay!)

I want Conor to be the first one to catch/touch the baby. Apparently, midwives encourage this anyway but I thought id put it down just to make sure it happens. Also, I want Conor to be the one to tell me if baby is a boy or a girl (unless I completely take over and just find out myself!). Conor to cut the cord, of course. 

This again is apparently practised anyway but I want my 1 hour of skin to skin contact with baby. Then whilst I have my checks done and a shower Conor to have an hour skin to skin with baby. If I have to have an emergency c-section, then I’d like Conor to have the hour skin to skin while I come round from the anaesthetic. We don’t really want baby cleaned/rubbed down before being placed down on either of us, as the vernix is amazingly good for baby’s skin, so why would I want to waste that. 

For the environment im going to have my hypnobirthing music/relaxations playing, dimmed lights, a relaxed and quiet environment, battery tea lights and maybe some essential oils. This will help me relax and chill during labour and help me get into my hypnobirthing zone. 

Well, that’s about it. It may seem pretty detailed but some I’ve read on Facebook mums groups have their birth planned down to the second! I really couldn’t deal with that stress!

Easy come easy go! 

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