Naturebond Baby Fruit Feeder

written by Bella Drew 31 May 2018
Naturebond Fruit Feeder Review

Primrose has been teething for a while now and Naturebond kindly sent us a few of their Baby Fruit Feeders to try out.

We received all the colours they have on offer and an extra pot of silicone teats.

Primrose has been loving these! We haven’t started weaning yet, but these are a lovely way for her to experiment with some flavours before we start and help her teething in the process.

The feeders come with 3 different size teats. They have a small cog that you can turn to raise the fruit higher to make it easier to reach the fruit. 

They come with a lid so its perfect for travelling, to throw in your changing bag or lunch box for when you’re out and about. And it’s not limited to fruit either, we tried veggies too but im pretty sure you can improvise with whatever you wish.


My thoughts

Pricewise its worth the money. You get two in a pack and 6 different sized teats. That’s plenty for on baby. Considering that it’s a reusable product, it’s a great deal.

The silicone fruit feeders are so easy to clean. Compared to other fruit feeders made of mesh, this one is very hygienic. You can fully dismantle the feeder to clean and sterilize it. This means that there are no hidden parts that you can’t clean thoroughly.

It teachers self-feeding habits, for us this is perfect for when we start baby led weaning.

The only thing that could be better is when she had some carrot in there, it stained the silicone teat orange. Now Im unsure whether this can be fixed or if it cant be helped, but I thought id mention it anyway.


Primroses thoughts

She loves them.

She found them very easy to hold, even with two hands. It made its way immediately to her mouth.

As they are quite a universal feeder, we started off by filling them with frozen breastmilk which she really enjoyed chewing.

Once we started weaning, we filled them with some frozen puree, different fresh fruits and vegetables. This gave Primrose the chance to experience the fruit without all the mess!

When she had days when her teething was bad the frozen fruit and milk in the feeder helped her massively.


It’s a great feeder, perfect for soothing teething gums and also for an introduction to weaning. A nice safe alternative for trying new foods.

You can buy them from Naturebonds Amazon Store, and with Prime, you can get them the very next day!


We were sent the Naturebond fruit feeders for purposes of this review, all thoughts are my own with help from Primrose.

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