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written by Bella Drew 19 June 2018
baby milestones

Even though it may not feel like it at the time, babyhood is over all too soon. Before you know it your newborn will be a toddler. Their mannerisms and expressions may soon change.

Capturing the milestones that your baby hits as they grow is the perfect way to document their journey. What’s more, grabbing your camera/phone whenever another milestone is achieved will allow you to show grandparents, aunts, uncles and other loved ones exactly what they missed.



Most babies won’t begin to smile properly until they’re between six and eight weeks old. Smiling is one of the very first milestones your baby will reach, and is heart melting!  Keep your eyes peeled for upwardly curving lips as your baby begins to approach this all-important stage and don’t be afraid to get snap happy when the first full smiles appear.



Rolling over

Rolling over is one of the first manoeuvres your baby will master. Some babies are able to turn themselves from their tummy to their back when they’re just four months old, however flipping over the other way generally takes a little longer as it requires stronger muscles. What I have learned in this job is all babies are vastly different, never compare your baby as they all do things in their own time!

If you have the chance to grab your phone or camera when your child rolls over for the first time, try to take a video of the moment for friends and family to enjoy.


Tummy time

baby milestones

Tummy time is an important part of a baby’s routine. You can start tummy time fairly soon after birth, though only for a minute or two at a time. Once your baby is able to hold their head up a little, you should be able to get some really lovely shots, especially if you place an snug rug or throw under their belly.


Grabbing toes

baby milestones

Grabbing toes is a classic baby pose that all parents love. Try to capture the moment just as your child puts their toes into their mouth to make the image even more special. If you bring your baby to the studio, we’ll work to capture this wonderful moment as naturally as possible.


Sitting up

baby milestones

When your baby begins to sit by themselves, it opens up a world of opportunities when it comes to taking photos. In this ‘pose’ babies often give some cracking expressions, clap and giggles.


Standing aided

Although it may be a while until your baby can stand on their own two feet, most babies can stand, with a little help, from quite an early age. Looking back on these moments in the future will help you to remember how far your child has come. It also offers a great opportunity to capture your baby’s tiny hands as they reach up to you for support.


Bottom lips and expressions

baby milestones

Babies make the most wonderful expressions as they attempt to make sense of the world around them. These pouts and lip quivers are surprisingly fleeting, capturing them on camera will give you images you can treasure as your children begin to grow up.


I feel it is also important to be in the moment and enjoy the new milestone, so if you’d rather fully concentrate on that first smile or step. Then you can always capture it after when your baby does it again!


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