The perfect last minute Mothers Day Gift with Prestige Flowers

written by Bella Drew 6 March 2018
prestige flowers

This year it’s my first mothers day,  Prestige flowers have kindly sent me this beautiful bouquet to celebrate. 

This mothers day has come round so fast and having a nearly 6-month-old baby is very time-consuming. If you’re anything like me, you leave everything to the last minute. To be completely honest, I completely forgot that it was mothers day until a few days ago. 

Prestige Flowers have an amazing selection of mothers day flowers.  You can choose a variety of extra gifts to send with your flowers such as a teddy bear, a vase, chocolates, different sweets and even champagne.  

prestige flowers

They arrived at my door in a box, I was actually surprised at how big the box was. Receiving flowers through the post is always lovely, even if you know they’re coming as it makes you feel so loved.  

As soon as I opened the box I was hit with such an amazing smell, it smelt like spring and sitting here writing this I can smell them from across the room. Inside there were the flowers, a teddy bear, a vase and a delicious looking box of chocolates (Conor will enjoy these as Im dairy free).

My beautiful bouquet is called the Luxury Lomond bouquet. It is absolutely stunning and so big. I honestly think this is the biggest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever had. It has elegant baby pink sorbet roses mixed with some bright pink germini flowers. Alongside these are some sweet shamrock blooms in amongst the foliage. 

prestige flowers prestige flowers prestige flowers prestige flowers

I love a bouquet of flowers with foliage, to me it makes the bouquet seem natural and like they’ve just been picked. 

Most of the flowers were in bloom and very lovely condition. The stalks were a good length, which left enough room to trim them down for the vase. 

prestige flowers

A couple had some light bruising but these flowers had been delayed due to the snow, so they had been without water for a few days. Im pretty sure if I had been tuck in a box for a few days, I wouldn’t look my best. 

Everybody loves flowers. Mums, wives, girlfriends, sisters… every woman (and let’s face it, even some men).  Flowers aren’t limited to mother day, they can be to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or if you’re really fancy just as a treat.

Prestige flowers offer next day and even same day delivery on a wide range of bouquets. This is even easier now with the Prestige Flowers new mobile site, you can order flowers at the touch of a button (so there’s on excuse).prestige flowers

With mothers day this weekend, there’s still loads of time to get online and order your mum some wonderful flowers.


We were sent the bouquet of flowers for purposes of this review, all thoughts are my own.

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