Primrose – Week 0

written by Bella Drew 30 September 2017

22nd September 2017 – 29th September 2017



Eyes are becoming more open everyday
Follows and turns to my voice
First bath


Skin to skin



Bum changes

What we’ve been up to:

Lots of family have come to visit;
Nanny Morgans and auntie Layla
Nana drew, uncle Ethan and auntie Lauryn.
Great Nanna and Grandpops Morgans.
Great Nanna and Poppa Roxy, Grandpar Gillespie and uncle Aiden.
Midwife came round, Primrose was weighed and had her heel prick test.
We had our first day together as a family of three. Ended up staying in bed longer than we should’ve and stayed in our pyjamas all day to watch a lot of Netflix.
Primrose was having trouble latching and breastfeeding was causing me so much pain. My nipples were so sore, cracked, bleeding and it made me feel physically sick to have her latch. 
So at 3am we called the midwife and was told to come back up to delivery suite.
The midwife diagnosed her with a posterior tongue tie and helped me with my latch. The midwife was so understanding and helpful, even though I was in such a state.
Agreed on her name (Finally!)
Met Godparents Jordan and Theresa
We went out to Mothercare for our first trip out. I went a little over the top with the clothes shopping but we did just find out she’s a little girl.



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