Primrose – Week 3

written by Bella Drew 21 October 2017

14th October 2017 – 20th October 2017




Now cries tears
Smiles in sleep
Pays more attention to toys
Stronger arm and leg movement
Being fairly clingy
Looks for faces


Bath time
Boob (she can’t get enough)
Daddy’s singing



What we’ve been up to:

Walk-in centre for her sickness
Playdate at Jens with Archie
Spent the day indoors with mummy. Very stressful and upsetting day. She was refusing my breast milk and only taking it from a bottle so it was really stressing mummy out.
Went to hospital to see a paediatrician. She was such a good girl. They ran blood and urine tests to see if she had a kidney infection or reflux and to check her stomach muscle. They came back clear thankfully. They prescribed ranitidine to see if she had a bad case of reflux, so this has to be given 3 times a day.
When we got home she had the ranitidine and fed well. She slept through a good portion of the night like a champ and her sickness has already reduced so much.
Hopefully, our baby girl is on the mend.
Spent the morning with mummy, whilst daddy was at uni. Sickness still very much reduced.
Daddy got your first smile today.
Spent time in her mamaroo.
Nappy library
Met Godfather Steven

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