Shellie Wall – Birth Photography

written by Bella Drew 3 October 2017

11 days ago we welcomed our first born into the world and Shellie captured the moment it all unfolded.

Having a birth photographer seems a weird concept to some people, but we really wanted to capture our baby’s birth story, the journey and the raw emotion of when we first find out the gender, see baby’s first breath and to capture the looks on our faces that we wouldn’t have been able to witness if it wasn’t to have a photographer.
After a lot of searching, we are so glad we chose Shellie.

After seeing her newborn work (and booking a session ready for our baby’s birth) we loved her style. We arranged a meeting where we spoke for around an hour about what we wanted, what shots were important to us and any vague birth plans we had, as we were also doing Hypnobirthing and she was really understanding and accommodating. After leaving the meeting we all felt confident.

About 2 weeks from our due date we met up again to arrange the finer details due to a change of birth plans, and it was nice to touch base again, we made sure we all had each other’s personal phone numbers, knew the timings of when to call and when to update Shellie.

I ended up being induced so my husband let Shellie know what was going on and kept in contact throughout the labour. When the time was getting closer he phoned her up and she was up the hospital and in our room within 20 minutes, from there she captured every moment we wanted.

Our birth was still as intimate as a birth should be. I didn’t feel uncomfortable with Shellie being there at one of the most exposed and vulnerable point in my life, I didn’t even notice she was in the room until after. I know some women would possibly be worried about this, but when you’re in the moment, everything around you gets blanked out apart from you, your partner and giving birth to your baby.

After our baby was born, Shellie was so helpful. She stayed until we were discharged from the hospital 9 hours later, spending the time taking photos of us as a brand new family and some gorgeous shots of our newborn.
After a few hours, we received a couple of proof pictures for us to announce our arrival to friends and family and we couldn’t have been happier with them. A week later, durin gour newborn photo session we recieved all the photos on a cute little memory stick. 

Birth memory stick

We recommend Shellie to anyone, and if/when we have another baby we will use Shellies services again to capture the magical moment all over again. Looking back on these photos 11 days later and they still bring tears to my eyes. Its truly amazing having these photos shows as a reminder of our baby girl’s journey into the world and her first hours of life.

If you’re undecided about having a birth photographer please don’t hesitate. It’s a moment in your life, like your wedding or engagement that you wish to keep memories of forever. What is more important/sacred in a parents life than the birth of their child.

Thank you so much Shellie, you really are amazing and such a talented photographer. The images you captured for us will be cherished for a lifetime!

Birth photography

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