Surviving babies first cold

written by Bella Drew 13 January 2018

Babies first cold is always such a horrible time. They’re confused as they haven’t experienced this before. They’ll probably want to just cuddle Mummy and daddy all day long. 

Luckily, the only real cold symptoms that Primrose had were; a very bad blocked nose, cough, watery eyes along with her being extra irritable and sleepy.

Products we used to battle the cold

Primrose has been having Calpol 2m+ to help with her temperature as its been a little high since being ill. 
We bought her some saline nasal spray to help unblock her nose.
This helped a little but we needed the nasal aspirator to help unblock it further. We also bought a Snufflebabe nasal aspirator and vapour rub. To unblock her nose and rub onto her chest and throat. 
A lot of people recommended the Calpol plugin, so I sent Conor out to get one. It was fab, it smelt really nice and kept us fairly clear throughout the night, it even worked for me! 
Having her bed tilted at night helped the phlegm and snot stop getting trapped in her sinuses and helps her breathe a little better. She already had her bed tilted for her reflux but we tilted it a little more with a foam insert under her Sleepyhead.
Standing in the bathroom whilst Conor was in a hot shower so the steam loosened her mucus helped a lot. We have done it before bed so she was clear for a few hours.
Another thing people recommend is a humidifier, to add moisture to the air to also help the mucus move. We haven’t invested in one of these (yet) but if she gets any worse then I think we’d definitely buy one.
I think common colds are one of those things that you can’t really avoid. But you have to be super careful as it can easily turn into a chest infection, pneumonia, bronchitis or croup. If you have any of the symptoms for any of these then a trip to a&e is highly advised.
Luckily Primrose’s cold is now on its way out. Im so glad she didn’t catch my whole flu as I felt terrible. She’s getting a lot better now so my milk must be full of those wonderful antibodies.
Do you have any secrets to help cure a babies cold?

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