Surviving the snow with a baby

written by Bella Drew 9 March 2018
surviving the snow

The weather recently has been the worst in years.

The freezing cold winds from the east bringing the UK over 5” of snow, along with freezing winds and temperatures below zero.

The snow can be such a wonderful thing, especially for older children or if its a child first time seeing snow but for babies, it can be dangerous.



surviving the snow

What to wear

Please don’t bundle up your baby – SIDS is at its highest during the winter months as parents bundle their babies up too much. Remember to refer to the SIDS guidelines.

Baby’s room should be kept at a nice cosy 16 – 20C so they shouldn’t need a blanket.

Baby sleeping bags are great because they act like a duvet cover, but they cant pull it over their face and suffocate. Also, they are made at specific togs perfectly suited to babies needs. Although If you’re co-sleeping, your baby needs fewer clothes as they are sharing your snuggly body heat.


Stay indoors and keep snug

Take this time to stay snug with your baby, have some pyjama days. But we all know how stir crazy it can get sometimes being stuck in 24/7 for a week, reminding us of those newborn days but with an older baby to entertain.

Certain energy suppliers offer a warm home discount if you have low income or have a baby. It’s worth asking as you can get up to £140 knocked off your winter bill. This helps massively when on maternity leave because we all know how little that pays.


Braving the cold

surviving the snow

What to wear

Even though it’s freezing cold you should still follow the golden rule of one extra layer.

So if you’re wearing a top, jumper and coat. Baby is fine wearing a vest, onesie, cardigan/jumper and coat. Once again there’s no need to bundle baby up as it can cause overheating. Don’t forget a hat, gloves and booties to protect their little extremities.

Cold weather also really dries out the skin, frequently moisturise your baby with emollient, a moisturiser or a weather protect cream to make sure they don’t get sore.


Essential travelsurviving the snow

If you absolutely have to leave the house then make sure your pram is weatherproof.

Dressing your baby as above, with a footmuff and always have the rain cover on in very cold temperatures. Even though it may not be windy or raining, the breeze from you pushing the pram will be cold on baby’s face, so keeping the rain cover on keeps the heat in and stop the brisk breeze.


Only use your car if it’s completely safe to do so. So many people have crashed these past few days because the compacted snow has turned into ice and black ice on the roads.

Double check your baby’s layers in the car seat. They shouldn’t be wearing a coat or snowsuit in their car seat under any circumstance. This makes car seat straps too loose and in the event of a crash will not support your baby. Never risk it, pack some extra blankets or use a car seat liner.


Fun in the snow

surviving the snow

If you want to let your baby experience their first bit of snow make sure you’re not out for long. Small babies lack the ability to increase the heat by shivering and don’t have the body fat needed to warm back up once they get cold, so make it quick and keep them warm.  Make it brief but fun, at the end of the day, those first pictures of your baby out in the snow are precious.

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