The biggest compliment

written by Bella Drew 9 March 2019

Today I got the most wonderful heartwarming message complimenting my parenting.
Since becoming a parent I’ve sunk all of my knowledge, my heart and soul into being a mum. To hear that you’re an amazing mum honestly made me cry. Happy tears, tears of relief, tears of appreciation. For me, it’s the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

I’ve always wanted to be a mum and Im so lucky to be blessed with Primrose.
Being a mum to me isn’t just about parenting, it’s about; the play dates, the fun food ideas, the clubs and classes, the endless books, pretend play, teaching them new things, dancing, being silly, watching them grow and explore, being their everything.
I absolutely love being a mum. I love to make play setups, do messy play, spending ages cutting her food into cute shapes, doing lots of crafts and activities. Being a mum is just me, and seeing her learn and discover new things recharges my soul.

After all how I parent her will shape her into who she is. If I teach her to be kind, let her explore the world and always do the best I can. She will grow up to be the most amazing human, and it will make me so proud. 
So Thankyou, you’ve made my year ❤️

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