Things I am doing to induce labour at home

written by theDrews 16 September 2017

With induction day looming were trying everything to get baby moving on its own.

Some things I’m going to try:

Raspberry leaf tea capsules

I’ve been taking Raspberry leaf tea capsules since week 32 to prepare and tone my uterus for labour and hopefully shorten my labour in general. I know this isn’t an actual method to try to induce myself but at least it may reduce the time I spend in labour, so ‘every little helps’. 

Pumping/Nipple stimulation

I’ve starting nipple stimulation and pumping of the evening (soon going up to twice/three times a day) to try and jump start some contractions. As apparently the hormones released whilst doing nipple stimulation or pumping make the uterus contract, so fingers crossed. Also, the tiny amount of colostrum (liquid gold) im expressing im saving up in the freezer ready to top up baby’s feed with as its apparently amazing.

Pineapple & Bromelain capsules

So aiming to eat a pineapple a day as the active enzyme Bromelain is which is thought to help to soften your cervix and bring on labour. So im going all out and have ordered some Bromelain capsules too just so I can get a bit more of it inside me than a single pineapple gives. As apparently you would have to eat around 7 pineapples a day to get enough to see an effect (fuck that!).

Clary sage oil

Clary sage is thought to stimulate contractions and oxytocin which are two essential ingredients for labour. So its use during labour is believed to enhance the labour and intensify contractions. Clary sage could be used to help speed things up if labour seems to be slowing down or taking a long time to get into an established routine.

You can use it to use as a diffusing oil to fragrance the room, as a massage oil (as long as you dilute it with another massage oil) or you can add it to your bath. I plan to give all three a go.


Birthing ball

Using a birthing ball can help baby get in a lower position, using some forms of exercise like rocking on your hands and knees. Bouncing can soften your cervix as it pushes baby’s head against it.

Bouncing can soften your cervix as it pushes baby’s head against it.  I’ve used mine as a replacement chair whilst watching Eastenders, also whilst blogging ill put some upbeat music on and bounce along to the beat (this makes it so hard to type).


Exercise such as walking can help baby get into a good position and even engage in the pelvis. Also, gravity helps baby move down and helps the cervix dilate. 

Deep squats help the pelvis spread to prepare the body for birth, the full squat position helps bay engage deeper into the pelvis. So hopefully getting baby lower and possibly ‘drop’ as im unsure if baby has done that yet with me. 

Stair climbing like other exercises helps the baby’s head drop down into the birth canal, open up the pelvic region and presses down on your cervix with leads to dilation. 

Lunges are also a good way to try induce labour. The lunges are a great way to warm up the hips and give more room for the baby to rotate and descend. 


Orgasms help stimulate uterine contractions and semen helps soften the cervix (need I say more).


Some I’m not going to try:

Spicy food 

Well I’m torn on this one, it can stimulate the body to release the oxytocin hormones which help labour but it can also cause diarrhoea and abdominal cramps which trigger the uterus to start contractions. The worst side effect of this one is a very bad stinky hot diarrhoea whilst giving birth (which to me sounds unpleasant).

Castor oil

This is apparently a sure fire way to induce labour within 24 hours of drinking the gross oil. But for me, the risks outweigh the benefits of inducing labour. As it works as a laxative, it leads to explosive diarrhoea which can make you dehydrated and there’s a possibility that this can pass through to baby in the womb which makes it pass meconium. Which can be very dangerous if baby breathes/drinks this. 


Please only attempt/do these with medical consent from your midwife/consultant as I am no professional.

Also, only attempt after you are full term, remember “baby will come when baby is ready”.

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