Things I’m glad I knew before giving birth

written by Bella Drew 16 February 2018

Reflecting on my birth, I’ve written a little list of things I’m glad I knew before giving birth.


“My birth, my choice”  I can say no

You might be thinking that if you have a “normal” or “high risk” pregnancy that you have no choice in what birth you want, that’s where you’re wrong.

I read the book  Am I allowed and it was really enlightening on what say I have in my birth.

I also called them when the consultant wanted me to have an induction but didn’t give clear reasons why. They calmly explained the reasons, risks and help me come to a justified decision regarding my birth. They were so supportive. 


Doctors try to scare monger land medicalise everything

This was a big one for me. They tried to scare monger me into a full induction. They used the excuse that Primrose was apparently ‘small’ and that her weight had dropped off the line.

This was scary.

No one wants to hear that their baby could possibly be at risk of something or not growing properly inside you when you are this little tiny things full lifeline.

At first I refused, as I knew from a while ago Doctors like to push inductions on women before babies are due to try and alleviate the load and overcrowding of the delivery suite, so I kinda knew it was coming but I wasn’t expecting them throwing the whole “your baby is at risk” crap at me.

I did go ahead with the induction but I made my intentions clear before they started. I wants only the pessaries, if they didn’t work I didn’t want anything further I’d go home wait it out and try again with the pessaries a week later. I’m glad it didn’t come to this, but if it had I would’ve stuck to my guns.

So if your healthy, you’ve had a good pregnancy and all is going well but they ask tell you that they need  to induce you for some reason make sure you do a lot of research on the reason and speak to AIMS who can help advise you on what to do.


Midwives and Doctors can only advise

As said before they can only advise. They cannot force you to do anything, its your birth, your choice.


You shouldn’t push

Now this is a major one. Breathe your baby out! Don’t push and don’t let midwives coach you either.

The statistics if women who have 3rd or 4th degree tears from pushing is ridiculous. If you wait your body will push that baby out without your help.

The best thing to do is relax and work with your body. Bare down lightly whilst your body is pushing by all means, but don’t push! 

During labour my body pushed for me, I literally couldn’t control it if i tried (which I didn’t) its such a weird and alien feeling but it was my body doing what its naturally meant to do. 


Birth can be relaxing, enjoyable and empowering

It really can. I remember when I first found out that I was pregnant I immediately wanted a c-section as I thought it wouldn’t be able to cope with the pain. How wrong was I. Birth was amazing.


Mothers instincts are so correct

After having done our Hypnobirthing classes, I learnt so much about birth that I never knew.

Social perception on child birth is all wrong. The amount of women who have asked about the birth and are shocked that I actually enjoyed it and found it very empowering is crazy.

Surely the most natural thing in the world can’t be so hard right?

Some women do have it bad, I admit that but I feel preparation is key and most women are scared of birth. If you work with your body and what its trying to do the contractions are painless, the labour is fast and the whole experience is magical. 


Do you have any things that you’re glad you knew before giving birth? Things that you were told that helped you massively? Things you learnt? Id love to hear them!

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