Tiddlers & Nippers weaning tracker & easy-bibs

written by Bella Drew 26 May 2018
Tiddlers and Nippers

Tiddlers & Nippers very kindly sent us their Tiddler weaning tracker and Tiddler easy-bibs! As parents themselves they knew exactly what we need when weaning our precious babies, especially ones with allergies. They are the only place online (that I’ve found) that have a weaning diary that you fill out yourself. I’m so glad I found this, as I was worrying a little about her weaning journey.

When we started weaning Primrose, because of her allergies we decided to make sure we kept a diary of everything she ate so we could monitor any reactions she has to certain foods.


Primrose has cow’s milk protein allergy (cmpa), so naturally, we were worried about other allergies that come hand in hand with cmpa such as allergies to soy, eggs and wheat. We didn’t want to risk her getting a reaction and not remembering what she ate over the past few days.


My thoughts

Firstly the adorable fairy print on the outside is so sweet and very us.

Tiddlers and Nippers

We are two months into baby led weaning now and we’ve been using the diary religiously. There’s been a couple of times when she really didn’t like something if make a note to ensure to try it again another time because babies need to try things a good amount of time before deciding if they really don’t like it or not.


The layout is fairly easy to follow, it wasn’t the easiest to begin with, but once Conor explained it (to my postpartum sieve brain) I got the hang of it.

Tiddlers and Nippers

There are three different sections on a daily page.

The larger top section is where you log food intake for the day. What time and how much they had. This can then be added up to give you a total at the bottom. 

The bottom left box is for your babies activities, such as bum changes along with bowel movements and pumping sessions. I found this really handy when primrose started to get a little constipated. I could monitor when she last went and adjust her diet accordingly.

The bottom right-hand box is for all notes and milestones. This is where I wrote down the foods she tried for the first time, any reactions she might have had a previous food and other milestones such as using the pincer grip or sippy cup.

Tiddlers and Nippers

Tiddlers and Nippers

I found this helped to give a very detailed overview of her day in a very short amount of time it took me to fill out. It only takes me a few seconds every time I fill it out and over the course of the day. I reckon I’d have only spent 5 minutes writing things down. This was very handy because we all know how busy mamas and papas are!

Tiddlers and Nippers

The easy-bibs are so handy! They’re nice a thin waterproof material so they are our go-to bib for taking out with us in the changing bag as they fold up so small and they’re lightweight so you won’t even notice it’s there.

I love that they’re machine washable, unlike other bibs we have. That makes life so much easier, especially since we go through a bib a day!

They match the weaning tracker! I love coordinating things, so this really hits the spot.


Primroses thoughts

She loves the easy-bibs, they seem comfy and aren’t too thick. Which means they are perfect for the summer.

Gets fascinated by the patterns, she loves looking at the beach fun pattern the most. They have such lovely bright eye-catching designs, we’ve had so many compliments on it whilst out.



The Tiddler weaning tracker is so useful (especially for an allergy parent like me). It helps us keep track of any reactions and be able to link it to food shes had previously.

Primrose loved the easy-bibs. They’re lovely and colourful, lightweight and water resistant. Such a win!

 If you’re starting weaning soon or thinking of weaning soon I’d definitely recommend one.


We were sent the weaning diary and bibs for purposes of this review, all thoughts are my own with a little help from Primrose.

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