written by Bella Drew 6 February 2019

It’s so hard to make your time alone during nap time worth it when you’re permanently exhausted. I get about an hour a day, if I’m lucky, to myself whilst Primrose naps.
But there’s so much to do during that time;
Probably more tidying…
Some days, I just sit there with some a drink and some snacks and just relish the silence for a moment before putting Netflix on to watch whatever crap looks interesting. I feel like it’s such a waste of time.
But then I get wife guilt that the house isn’t tidy for when Conor gets home but you know what, it doesn’t matter.
Who cares if there’s dishes to be cleaned, clothes to be hung out, toys across the lounge floor. It’s the sign of a family home, and a home that has been lived in and loved. And we don’t live in the 40s, Conor probably does the housework more than I do, so why should I worry.
Do you ever feel like this? Like your to do list is never ending and you’re trying to make everything perfect but in reality it already is.

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