Toofeze, coolest teether ever!

written by Bella Drew 21 June 2018

Parents used to use a silver spoon for their teething babies because the cold metal provides a natural anaesthetic and pain relief to their gums whilst reducing inflammation fast. Toofeze have completely reinvented this idea and its awesome!


Primrose has now cut her first two tiny teeth and honestly, we couldn’t have to go through it without her Toofeze teether. We were kindly sent one to review a while back when Primrose first started teething, back then it was hit and miss but now we don’t go anywhere without it!


My thoughts

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on, because it isn’t available in the UK yet. But from a little research, it seems you can get one for around £20, which isn’t too bad for a teether that will last for all their teeth.

The packaging is very nice, you get the teether in a small box, some information leaflets and a teeth chart to write down when the teeth came through and explaining which ones to expect next. I love this, its such a cute sentimental thing to keep track of your babies teething journey.

It’s made from a BPA, phthalate and latex free silicone. Which is so soft and flexible for Primrose to chew. Most importantly its antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

The shape is great and very handy for attaching it to things, such as the pram when out and about using a simple toy lead.

It’s very easy to clean if we had a dishwasher we could just pop it in there. Since we don’t, I just wash it up with her dummies. It also hasn’t got any little nooks and crannies where mould and dirt can hide, so you can get it super clean.

The thing I like most about the Toofeze teether is that when you put it in the fridge or a glass of cold water for a couple of minutes, the whole thing doesn’t get cold, so Primrose can hold the silicone and put the freezing cold stainless steel bit on her gums. She hated other cold teethers because they were too cold to hold. This is the perfect solution.


Primroses thoughts

She has only recently started loving her Toofeze teether since her first tooth has cut.

I think it helps provide a bit more pain relief than a normal silicone teether. But it has a bit of both so she can pick and choose what texture she prefers.


The metal piece is the perfect size to chomp down on, and she finds it funny when it’s so quiet you can hear her dot of a tooth against the metal. She also seems to enjoy biting on the Toofeze logo, I think it gives her gums a well-needed massage.

The Toofeze is the perfect size for her little hands, she can easily grasp onto it.

It’s also lovely for the summer when it gets a bit hot the metal stays nice a cool, this really helps cool her down.



We love it! It goes everywhere with Primrose and it provides some relief from her teething.

The Toofeze teether is definitely a one of a kind teether and I haven’t been able to find one similar in the UK.

They’re at the moment only available to buy from America, but hopefully, this brand branches out and will soon become available.

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