Welcome to Blogmas 2017

written by Bella Drew 1 December 2017

Welcome to our very first blogmas!
And it so happens to be the very first Christmas we have with our little girl.

For those of you who don’t know what blogmas is (I didn’t until a few weeks ago) it’s a daily blogging challenge where you write a post every day on the lead up to Christmas Day.

Every blogmas post will be Christmas themed with maybe the odd extra post added in to keep updated on things. But hey, I’m not going to get ahead of myself, blogging with a newborn is hard work! Especially the days where she doesn’t let me put her down. But if you’re a parent too, I’m sure you can forgive me.

We’ve had such a busy day, with a grouchy/unwell Primrose. Getting the decorations out of the loft and half putting up the 8ft giant tree then realising we haven’t got enough room so packing it away and putting it back in the loft in exchange for the smaller 6ft tree we have. It has literally been such a full-on Christmassy prep day.

Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year, and last year we were lucky enough to spend it together in Disneyland Paris! It was definitely a Christmas to remember but I reckon, somehow this one will beat it.

I’m so excited to start blogmas this year, hopefully, it won’t be too hard but we will see. As Christmas is my favourite time I’m sure I’ll have plenty to talk about!

I cannot wait to get started on these posts, I really hope you enjoy them and check in daily for the next one.

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