Why I almost lost it in ASDA carpark

written by Bella Drew 22 January 2018

Today I was so close to losing it in an Asda carpark this evening. As with any parent, these parent and child spaces really annoy me.

It was rush hour, there were no parent and child spaces. Which was fine so we parked somewhere on the end of a row. But we did struggle to get Primrose out of the car in her car seat. So we unclipped her and put her in one of those baby carrier shopping trolleys.

After shopping, we arrived back at the car shopping trolley full of items. It was dark cold and we wanted to get Primrose in the car as quickly as possible. The car behind us (which was a parent and child space) had parked stupidly close to the boot so Conor had to manoeuvre his way around with the bags.

As we were struggling to get the bags in, the owner of the car behind came out of the shop WITH NO CHILD.
There was a child seat in the front of the car but he came out alone, no child, just beers and a french stick in his hands.


These people piss me off so much.

Why park in parent and child if you haven’t got the child on you?
Is it really that hard top park somewhere a little further away and walk for no more than a minute to get into the shops?

I swear if I didn’t have Primrose in my arms I would have confronted him. Shame I didn’t have any eggs on me.

Parent and child spaces are just that. Parent and child spaces.
Yes, they’re conveniently placed at the front of the store and no you don’t need a badge but they’re not free for anyone to use.

I went in a reported the licence plate of the driver to the Asda security guard. Who then informed me that because he had already left there was nothing they could do. This is ridiculous. The parent and child spaces aren’t monitored or even looked at by security, the place really doesn’t care. On the parent and child sign, it states that “to park within these bays you must be accompanied by one or more children” and “failure to comply may result in a £70 parking charger notice”.



I wish that they’d move them somewhere away from the front of the store. As I would gladly walk for a few seconds and have room to get Primrose in and out of the car than to have to squeeze her out or have my door hit another car. I completely agree and understand a heavily pregnant lady using the spots, as we all know how hard it is to move, let alone squeeze out of a car at any later than 7/8 months pregnant!

There’s no point in my rant really. I just needed to vent my anger about these spaces and the mindless idiots who decide to use them without children.


Does it make anyone else’s blood boil?

Anyone else been stuck or struggled because of an imbecile?

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